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The Sailun ERANGE EV Tire. PHOTO TBC Brands

TBC Brands, one of the largest distributors of proprietary brand tires in North America, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Sailun Tires to design, develop and launch the ERANGE EV tire lineup.

Exclusively distributed in North America by TBC Corporation (TBC BrandsNTWMidasBig O TiresTire Kingdom and NTB), this family of tires was designed to enhance EV performance and increase range for almost every electric car, truck and SUV option being sold today.

Launching late 2022

This power line will launch in late 2022 and include 32 sizes with rims ranging from 15” to 22” covering over 80% of electrified vehicles. Utilizing an advanced liquid phase mixing process, the ERANGE EV tire lineup delivers reduced rolling resistance and excellent traction, allowing EVs to travel further on a single charge. Its advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and specially formulated rubber compounds were created for the instant torque of EVs and provide dynamic driving performance in various road conditions.

“TBC Brands is excited to introduce the ERANGE EV family to meet the needs of the growing EV segment,” said Jenifer Golba, Senior Vice President of Consumer Product Marketing for TBC Corporation. “This family of tires was designed for those seeking an exclusive, high-quality product which addresses the top three concerns of EV consumers—enhanced electric vehicle performance, increased range of the electric charge and a quiet, comfortable ride.”

The ERANGE EV will launch in Q4 2022. For additional details on this family of tires, visit www.ERANGETires.com.


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