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Casey Walter is an International Digital Marketing Consultant. PHOTO Casey Walter

Late last year, Google changed the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile.

But it’s more of a shift than just a name change. While Google used to have a lot of control of those profiles, now, they’re relinquishing much of that control. Businesses like yours can now go into your Google Business Profile and add or change your services, your hours, and more, without waiting for Google to approve the changes.

Google is putting this back into your hands to manage the information more efficiently. You can make changes, add items, photos, without having to spend weeks “in review.” Instead of the Google car coming by to see if somebody’s closed, if they’re doing their work, it’s up to businesses like yours to take control.

You can make updates so much faster! Now, Google Business Profile really is an actual profile for small and large businesses. It’s time for you to optimize your account.

Helping organic growth

If you Google your name, your profile will usually come up in a box on the right hand side, with your name, photos, your address, phone number, and hours. It’s essentially a profile within the search platform.

It was once just used for Google Maps, but grew. You can add all your products and services, you can do promotions, you can post events, any kind of specials. It will help your organic growth within the search engine.

But it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s up to you to handle your profile, and make it stand out from the rest. You can bet your competitors will be updating their profile, and you’ll be left behind.

Remember, search engines like Google are ultimately trying to provide good quality resources to consumers who are looking to buy knowledge or education. The old system was taking too long and wasn’t efficient enough. So they’re relying on business owners like you to promote yourself. While consumers are doing their searches, you need to make updates and ensure you’re providing the correct and transparent information they’re looking for.

There are far too many tire shops, about 80 percent, who do not have all their products and services listed in their Google Business Profile. They’ve gotten so accustomed to Google just naturally updating everything. That’s coming to an end.

Google app is quickest

If you don’t have your products, your services, your hours, specials, discounts, and location listed properly, it will impact how you come up in an organic search. Consumers want to know where to go right away. A business is only hindering themselves by not having their products and services listed, and their Google Business Profile not updated.

You can use a desktop or the Google app. In fact, the Google app is the quickest way to update and verify your profile. There are many shops that have not verified, or claimed their business profile.

And once you get updated, you can start seeing all the inbound calls coming from your Google Business Profile, the ones you’ve received, or missed. It’s giving you a performance report on your profile, so you can see what consumers are doing with it.

This is another organic opportunity to grow your business. You can even link your Facebook profile, review sites, and more into your Google Business Profile. It’s an all-encompassing place to host who you are as a business, and what you’re doing.

Casey Walter is an International Digital Marketing Consultant. She educates and builds brands through modern marketing practices, while leverage social media marketing services to amplify clients’ brand communications and connect them with consumers in order to drive business.



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