Bridgestone to Add Test Track to Americas Technology Center

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bridgestone Firestone test track
The test track is the latest in a series of R&D investments in Akron, including a new race tire manufacturing facility set to open in Summer 2022. PHOTO Bridgestone

Bridgestone Americas announced plans to expand its Americas Technology Center campus to include a new vehicle dynamics test track for the development of future tire technologies.

The new tire testing facility will support ongoing research and play an indispensable role in the tire development work taking place across the Akron campus by allowing teammates the opportunity to drive prototypes firsthand and quickly understand the performance enhancements necessary for the tires they are designing.

The track will also supplement comprehensive tire testing operations currently performed at Bridgestone’s Proving Grounds in Texas, Ohio, Mexico, and South America.

“We’re excited to advance our leading-edge tire and technology development with the expansion of our testing capabilities in Akron,” said Nizar Trigui, Chief Technology Officer and Group President, Solutions Businesses, Bridgestone Americas.

“As we continue to evolve our products and provide sustainable mobility solutions to our customers, we’re confident that this new tire test track will support enhanced product education and improve agility in engineering decision making for our product development process.”

Upon its completion in the Summer 2022, the test track facility will feature multiple vehicle dynamics courses designed to simulate the rigors of real-world driving conditions.

These include a long straightaway to assess lane change performance; an NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) course to test ride comfort and road noise; and a wet and dry weather handling course.

The new test track facility is the latest in a series of investments by Bridgestone to solidify its Akron R&D campus as home to all its research, product development, technology, and core data systems throughout the Americas.

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