Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 Launches 44 New Sizes

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Michelin's Pilot Sport All-Season 4 closes the gap between summer ultra-high-performance and all-season tires. PHOTO Michelin

An additional 44 sizes of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport All-Season 4 are now available.

Since launching last year, the Pilot Sport All-Season 4 has bridged the gap between ultra-high-performance summer and all-season tires providing year-round performance with 4% better dry braking, 5% better-wet braking and 10% more snow traction.

The tire’s Asymmetric Tread Pattern includes more rubber on the outer shoulder, which helps deliver lateral dry grip. The superior wet grip is the result of a race-inspired tread compound engineered with maximum levels of silica to grip the slick pavement. The large rain groove evacuates water from under the tire to prevent hydroplaning.

To further complement wet performance, 360-Degree Variable Sipe Technology consisting of full-depth and interlocking sipes provides biting edges for improved traction in rain and snow.

Michelin’s previous generation of the Pilot Sport All-Season proved that all-season and ultra-high-performance capabilities were possible in the same tire. Chevrolet made it the first all-season original equipment tire on the new Corvette C8, proven both on and off the track.

The Pilot Sport All-Season 4 was developed with Dynamic Response Technology, which ensures forces and temperatures are distributed evenly for a longer tread wear life. The tire has up to 29% more tread life than leading competitors.

The tire has a Z speed rating and with the phase 2 launch, is now available in 103 sizes.

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