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Nokian Tyres aramid technology layered view
Nokian Tyres One front upper half. Photo: Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres has introduced a durable all-season tire crafted for North American drivers that will help the company expand its mission of safety and sustainability across Canada and the U.S..

This tire offers ultimate peace of mind with protection from potholes and other road hazards; it is the company’s first passenger tire to feature Aramid Sidewall technology, and a Pothole Protection warranty for drivers who purchase the tire.

“The Nokian Tyres One is engineered to provide peace of mind in the moments North American drivers need it the most,” said Nokian Tyres Director of Products Steve Bourassa. “SUV and light truck drivers have loved this tire, and now we’re pleased to offer it for passenger cars, too, along with a Pothole Protection warranty that shows how confident we are in the tire’s durability.”

It also provides improvements in braking and handling and a more comfortable ride than ever before.


For the first time, Nokian Tyres has equipped a passenger tire with its unique Aramid Sidewall technology. Puncture-resistant Aramid fibres are embedded in the sidewalls to reinforce the tire when it encounters potholes and other road hazards. The technology is also available in the newest generations of Nokian Tyres’ light truck and SUV products, including the Nokian Tyres One HT.

The company is expressing confidence in its Aramid technology by providing drivers with a Pothole Protection warranty. If a tire is damaged beyond repair by rough roads, potholes or curbs, the company will replace it free of charge.

A modern silica compound is engineered to excel in varying conditions; it thrives in a wide range of temperatures and can withstand intense wear even in hot summer weather. The compound’s formulation allows the tire to carry a higher mileage warranty – 80,000 miles or 130,000 kilometers. Strong shoulder construction complements the Aramid-reinforced sidewalls to maximize the tire’s strength.

Safety for North American roads

The new all-season tire provides improvements in wet braking and wet handling over their previous all-season products. Those enhancements are the result of a balanced tread pattern that helps the tire thrive in wet and dry weather alike.

A symmetrical, non-directional tread pattern promotes even wear throughout the life of the tire. While the tread shape resembles many North American all-season products, it comes with special boosts that provide premium performance.

Zig-zag siping in the centre rib and shoulder blocks provides stability and improved handling properties. Grip enhancers in the circumferential grooves offer dependable traction on soft surfaces like snow, sand and mud.

Three-dimensional block supports in the middle ribs give the tire biting edges that help grip the road in winter, and the Nokian Tyres One features high-volume water pockets throughout the tire that resist hydroplaning.


The Nokian Tyres One is the latest proof point in the company’s quest to lead the tire industry in sustainability. The tire’s premium tread compound is crafted to minimize rolling resistance, which reduces harmful emissions and makes vehicles more fuel-efficient. Ninety percent of the company’s products are in the three lowest rolling resistance categories.

This product is being made at Nokian’s three highly automated, eco-friendly facilities, including its North American Factory—the first in the tire industry to earn LEED v4 Silver certification.

Nokian Tyres was the first tire manufacturer to give up the use of harmful oils in its tire compounds and also produced the first winter tire to boast best-in-class rolling resistance. The Scandinavian company has reduced CO2 emissions from its production processes by 44 percent in the last six years.


This tire provides the most comfortable ride of any all-season passenger tire the manufacturer has sold in North America. The innovative tread pattern reduces exterior noise by 12% and decreases interior noise, as well.

A wide size range from 14 to 20 inches ensures that the tire will be available to a large number of drivers. The Nokian Tyres One and ONE HT form a powerline that will satisfy the vast majority of sizes in their all-season segments, from passenger cars to light trucks and SUVs.

Drivers of the Nokian Tyres One can easily detect when it’s time to purchase new tires; Nokian Tyres’ Driving Safety Indicator wears down as the tire does, providing a numerical indicator of how much tread remains.

A vehicle for growth

The Nokian Tyres One represents the latest step forward in that journey: a product that will be sold exclusively in North America and produced at the tiremaker’s new factory in Dayton, Tennessee, as well as the company’s other global factories.

They will continue to expand their product portfolio in North America and find new ways to reach current and prospective customers in the region, including dealer programs, creative marketing campaigns and a dynamic social media presence. Last year the company introduced the Nokian Tyres One HT, an all-season light truck and SUV product equipped with Aramid Armor beneath the tread to provide optimal puncture resistance.


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