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Hankook & Company Head Office. Photo: Hankook Tire

Hankook Technology Group changed its name to Hankook & Company, upon proposal approval on December 29, 2020 at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

The new name, Hankook & Company, embodies the company’s long-term vision in securing a future for engine advancements and efforts in sustainable growth, while considering strategic M&A and business expansions in coming years. ‘Hankook’ has become a unified brand system that has attained recognition worldwide, and Hankook & Company aims to leverage its affiliates’ brand awareness to create synergy.

The major affiliates of Hankook & Company will accelerate technological innovations and service development globally, including various areas from sales to recruitment and community service activities, and will contribute to consolidating the future competitiveness of the entire group. 

Meanwhile, the company will boost innovation and creativity in internal communication and collaboration, further fostering its unique corporate culture called ‘Proactive Culture’. Through Proactive Culture, the company encourages all employees to become voluntary innovators as they are the ones creating breakthrough technologies and are the backbones of sustainable business growth. 

Names of affiliates will remain unchanged, including: Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd., Hankook AtlasBX Co., Ltd., Hankook Precision Works Co., Ltd., Hankook Networks Co., Ltd., Hankook Engineering Works Co., Ltd., Hankook Car & Life Co., Ltd., and Model Solution Co., Ltd.

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