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HPS-Cell From Design Innovation Photo: Hankook Tire

Hankook Tire recently revealed its 2020 Design Innovation project through its official YouTube Channel.

The project aims to present a vision for the future of driving and innovation in mobility. Concept films and mock-ups presented the ‘HPS-Cell’, an innovative modular platform based on the tire, proposing a vision for future mobility.

“Hankook Tire is incorporating new ideas with our cutting-edge technology to explore design concepts for the next generation, as Hankook believes creativity is the first step towards bringing the imagination into the reality,” says Jimmy Kwon, Vice President of Hankook Tire Brand Lab. “We are extremely excited to present this year’s works as they speak for the essence of the future mobility that Hankook envisions.”

Launched in 2012, the Design Innovation is Hankook’s Research and Development (R&D) project held every two years, in collaboration with one of the world’s leading design universities. Through joint research, the project advances the development of future driving and solutions that tackle today’s challenges.

Concept tire

The tire of the HPS-Cell is an airless tire with a double-layered unit-cell structure for complex rigidity. It is a concept tire that uses sensor technology to identify tire treads and road conditions in real-time and respond to wear-out risks and change tread patterns according to the road condition, utilizing variable wheels and optimized infrastructure.

Throughout the project, a modular platform of mobility concept ‘Hankook Platform System (HPS)-Cell’ was proposed to represent the root of mobility. It is applied with ‘Hankook Electric Mobility Technology (H.E.M.)’ which represents Hankook’s passion for future technological breakthroughs. A scenario was created to distinguish mobility as a moving platform, and its function as a pod (space), shows that the tire indeed sits at the center of mobility.

The scenario was brought to life through a concept film and a mock-up. The productions suggest that in 2040, urban populations can apply this mobile platform combined with pods of various forms, to achieve their mobility goals. The modular platform can also be combined with commercial pods such as urban farming to maximize the scalability and efficiency of movement within smart cities of the future generations.

Urban reshaping

Under the theme ‘Urban Reshaping’, professors and students from the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, focused on the transformation of cities by reconfiguring mobility as part of living spaces, rather than standing alone. This will be accomplished in the future with augmented automation infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies such as eco-friendly technology, autonomous driving, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hankook is staying proactive in responding to the fast-changing world of future mobility and strengthening its leading role in making technological progress. As part of the efforts, the company is securing original technologies through the utilization of its global R&D network, and their Hankook Technodome, the high-tech research facility, plays a key role as the central hub. Hankook is also working on future-oriented projects such as the ‘The Next Driving Lab’ campaign, which provides new and innovative future driving experiences through its futuristic tires.

The unveiled productions will be exhibited at various global channels and will represent Hankook’s capabilities in design innovation globally.


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