Pirelli Elect Increases Autonomy, Reduces Onboard Noise, Maximizes Grip

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Pirelli Elect for the Porsche Taycan Photo: Pirelli

Low rolling resistance to increase autonomy, decreased road-noise, an immediate grip that puts the power down for a quick getaway, and a special structure designed to support the weight of a battery-powered vehicle.

These are the key characteristics of Pirelli Elect tires, developed by Pirelli together with car manufacturers to meet the specific technical requirements of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This type of tire is distinguished by the Elect marking, which was launched at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and available as original equipment for the modern cars on the road.

Porsche Taycan with P Zero Elect

Pirelli’s engineers developed a specific P Zero Elect tire for the Porsche Taycan. This tire was developed in line with Pirelli’s perfect fit philosophy, with a compound, construction and tread pattern design created for the Taycan. This delivers low rolling resistance to maximize the car’s autonomy, reduced road noise to increase cabin comfort, and immediate grip—even with the Taycan’s impressive power and low-down torque—to enhance driveability: all in perfect safety. Thanks to Pirelli Elect, anyone choosing a Porsche Taycan can be sure that both their car and their tires have been specifically developed to be fully electric.

Pirelli Elect winter for the harshest conditions

With winter setting in as well as laws mandating the use of winter tires in many countries, Pirelli has created Elect versions of the Winter Sottozero 3, Scorpion Winter, and P Zero Winter. The latter is available for the Porsche Taycan in 19-inch and 20-inch sizes.

Winter tires are also recommended for electric and hybrid cars, if they are driven a lot in winter conditions, and their drivers require the best possible performance even in the harshest conditions. As temperatures drop below 6° C, summer or all-season tires are no longer able to perform at their best, and so discerning drivers prefer winter tires. Thanks to their softer compound, winter tires deliver road-holding and traction—which is particularly challenging with electric cars—as well as secure braking. This is achieved with a tire that has been specifically conceived to suit the unique performance characteristics of electric cars. These bespoke winter tires are distinguished by M+S symbols accompanied by the 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snowflake) logo, which can be easily recognized and guarantees the tire’s conformity with winter traffic laws in a number of different countries.

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