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It’s easy to help your business grow organically.

When you’re setting up your marketing budget for 2020, make sure you focus on Google My Business.

Why? This service is making a big push for the automotive industry, and they’ve completely redesigned the system in a way that’s to your advantage as a tire retailer. For example, you can add more categories, which is great for tires and service. You can add keywords that are relevant to what your customers are looking for, which will help you grow organically. That means – for free!

Tire stores don’t have huge budgets like car dealerships, so the more you can do for free, the better. Google My Business is pretty simple, and your first step is just claiming your listing. The next step is having a designated person who goes through and makes sure every service you offer is checked off. Is everything filled out? That means having pictures and having the right hours.

There’s a texting option, which should be turned on – we live in a world of instant gratification, and that means texting. In your really busy months, you can turn it off if it’s just too much.


You now have a page where consumers can see specials. Any posts that you would do on Facebook, you can do on Google My Business. When you’re updating one, you should be updating the other. No matter what you put out there, it’s going to help you grow organically.

One of the biggest things for 2020 is reviews. Most tire shops have less than 100 reviews! But the big chains have 200 plus reviews. It’s all about asking for a review. Have a follow-up email with a link to review right away. Reviews are important because that’s another easy way you can grow organically. People look for reviews. They want to know they’re going to a place that treats the customer well!

There’s something called “the Local Three Pack,” the three listings that show up organically in Google My Business. Now they’re not going to show up every time, but if you have competitors all around you, you’re going to fall short. You’re going to come up fourth. Compare it to coming up on the second page of a Google search. You want to be easy to find.

So help your customers get to your website. Google offers courses, you can just do a search for “how to set up Google My Business,” and they’ll walk you through it. You set it up and manage it.

Engaged businesses

The reason Google has made these changes is to make life easier for their consumer users. They care about users taking advantage of their tools, like finding things that are close to them. They’re looking for the most engaged businesses to put in front of these engaged users. You can bet that if it’s not you, they’ll find someone else. Even if you have returning customers, they’re still going online, they’re still Googling. If they look for your name and something else will pop up, with a better deal, they may go for it.

This is an easy way to make a big impact. You have to be on top of this, or you’re going to be behind the game. It just means doing the initial set up, and having one or two people dedicated to making sure that you’re posting everything.

Casey Walter is an International Digital Marketing Consultant. She educates and builds brands through modern marketing practices, while leverage social media marketing services to amplify clients’ brand communications and connect them with consumers in order to drive business.  


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