Bridgestone’s New Global Tagline

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Bridgestone Global CEO and Representative Executive Officer, Shu Ishibashi. PHOTO Bridgestone

Bridgestone Corporation unveiled its new global brand tagline during a virtual press conference live-streamed from the company’s Tokyo-based conference/training facility.

The new “Solutions for your journey” tagline supports the company’s Mid-Long-Term Business Strategy Framework, which was also introduced at the press conference by Bridgestone Global CEO and Representative Executive Officer Shu Ishibashi.

The new tagline and refreshed Bridgestone brand identity are part of the company’s ongoing transformation and the evolution of its offering beyond tires and diversified products to include advanced mobility and solutions.

Bridgestone outlined a vision of providing social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company today, tomorrow, and toward the future in 2050, contributing to society’s advancement with care, confidence, and creativity.

Solutions for your journey

“The introduction of the Bridgestone ‘Solutions for your journey’ tagline signals our company’s ongoing transformation to the world and communicates our long-term vision to be a sustainable solutions company,” said Shu Ishibashi.

“We consider this moment to be a “Third Foundation (Bridgestone 3.0)” in our company’s history, with the “Original Foundation (Bridgestone 1.0)” being in 1931 when Bridgestone was established and the “Second Foundation (Bridgestone 2.0)“ taking place in 1988 when Bridgestone merged with the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company.

We are excited for the future as Bridgestone advances to offer world-class mobility solutions that deliver increased value for our customers and society.”

The “Solutions for your journey” tagline will replace the existing Bridgestone brand tagline, “Your Journey, Our Passion.”

The new tagline will be utilized globally in all markets where Bridgestone has sales and operations to strengthen the company’s position as a truly global company.

They will begin leveraging the new tagline in the second half of 2020 with a full-scale launch planned for the first quarter of 2021.

For more information, visit bridgestonetire.ca.


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