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Leif Ellefsen, EVP Growth and Strategic Partnerships, UNIMAX/Distribution Stox/Point S Canada. Photo Michel Beaunoyer

Many of today’s consumers need a quality tire they can afford.

Current economic conditions in Canada are ripe for the introduction of a new value-tier tire brand that can offer consumers a quality product at entry-level prices. 

“In challenging economic environments, consumers often pivot their purchasing habits towards affordable quality products,” says Leif Ellefsen, EVP of Growth and Strategic Partnerships with Unimax/Distribution Stox/Point S Canada. “We believe the HiFly brand offers a pragmatic approach to maintaining value without compromising performance.” 

Established in 1995 as a brand, HiFly tires are now distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. New to Canada, the HiFly brand is distributed exclusively through Distribution Stox and is currently sold through Point S retail locations. “In addition,” Ellefsen explains, “All Distribution Stox customers, from independent tire retailers to automotive dealerships, can order HiFly tires from Distribution Stox to sell to their customers.” 

The HiFly HF201 is an all-season tire engineered to provide a mix of performance, comfort and safety. Photo HiFly

HiFly offers a large and diverse assortment of PLT SKUs, which is a big benefit for tire retailers who are looking for a single brand they can offer to all their PLT customers. Tire retailers who cater to the needs of delivery van owners and last-mile delivery vehicles can also offer HiFly tires to their commercial clients. 

HiFly’s extensive PLT lineup includes popular tires like the HF201, an all-season tire engineered to provide a mix of performance, comfort and safety. The HF201 has been designed to meet the needs of today’s passenger car and crossover drivers who want a durable and dependable tire. 

It promises excellent wet and dry grip, along with a quiet and comfortable ride, thanks in part to the optimized variable-pitch tread design. Available in a broad range of SKUs (12-17 inches), the HF201 is covered by HiFly’s road hazard warranty (see below for details). 

HF805 – UHP 

Another big seller is the HF805. This UHP tire caters to the needs of passenger car, crossover and SUV drivers who want a durable and dependable summer tire. Thanks to a jointless nylon band, the HF805 boasts impressive tread stiffness and uniformity, which translates into high-speed stability. 

The HF805 features a tread compound that promises excellent wet performance and improved rolling resistance, thanks in part to its silica compound. Moreover, the tire comes with a rim protector, which means that customers with expensive wheels can rest assured that they’ve purchased an extra layer of protection against curb damage. It’s available in an astonishing number of sizes (15-26 inches) and is covered by HiFly’s road hazard warranty. 

Winter tire lineup 

HiFly offers an extensive winter tire lineup, including the popular Win-Turi 215. Designed to deliver exceptional winter performance, the Win-Turi 215 was engineered for passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs. While the directional winter tread pattern enhances road contact for better performance in the snow and on wet roads, the tread siping has been optimized to enhance acceleration and braking in all winter conditions. 

The Win-Turi 215 is studdable, which is a big plus in provinces where winter comes in one size: extra large! The stud line allocation has been optimized to reduce stud noise, and the silica-rich tread compound improves winter traction on ice, snow and on wet road surfaces. It’s available in a variety of sizes, (13-22 inches), and is covered by HiFly’s road hazard warranty. 

Another popular winter tire option is the Win-Turi 216, which is a studless tire designed for a broad range of applications, from passenger cars to sports coupes to crossovers and SUVs. This performance tire boasts excellent grip and handling in all winter conditions. 

The tread design incorporates a longitudinal outer rib block and inner lateral slots that provide enhanced braking and excellent cornering dynamics, while efficiently evacuating slush and water. The use of silica in the tire compound improves grip and boosts traction, and the siping design nicely balances the need for grip on ice and snow, with optimal rolling resistance for better fuel economy. Available in a broad range of SKUs (12-20 inches), the Win-Turi 216 is covered by HiFly’s road hazard warranty. 

Canadian marketing 

All HiFly marketing materials and sales support are designed in Canada, by Canadians, specifically for the Canadian market. That’s because no one understands the Canadian consumer and our tire market as well as another Canadian. 

This means that tire retailers can count on local marketing language and strategies that will attract consumers to the HiFly brand. Marketing efforts include a website (HiFlyTires. ca) that promotes the HiFly brand and answers questions that Canadian consumers might have about the brand, or about a specific tire. The website includes a dealer locator tool, designed to generate traffic to local tire retailer locations. 


A quality tire with an entry-level price is only as good as the warranty that backs it. That’s why HiFly stands behind its product and is one of the few brands in this tier to offer a road hazard replacement program. This “limited, free replacement” road hazard program applies to select HiFly passenger and light truck patterns, with the following conditions: During the first 25% of the original usable tread, or one year from the date of purchase (whichever comes first), if a covered tire is damaged by a road hazard, and cannot be repaired, then HiFly will replace that tire with a comparable new HiFly tire. 

In addition, all HiFly tires are warranted against defects in workmanship and material for a period of 60 months from the date of purchase. Any qualifying HiFly passenger or light truck tire deemed to have a defect in workmanship or materials will be replaced free of charge for the initial warranty period, which is the first 25% of the original usable tread life, or within 12 months from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. When a tire has worn down past the 25% mark, the customer must pay for the cost of a new comparable HiFly passenger or light truck tire on a prorated basis. 

Tire retailers who would like more information about the entire HiFly brand lineup, applicable warranties, and business opportunities are encouraged to visit distributionstox.ca. Existing Distribution Stox customer can also contact their representative, or call 514-666-STOX for details. 

For more product details, visit Hiflytires.ca


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