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Over 25 Years in Tire Evolution.

Dynamic Tire, a leader in the tire industry with a legacy spanning over two decades, has evolved from a focus on Passenger and Light Truck (PLT) to emerge as Canada’s leader in Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) and Specialty Tire Products. Our tire solutions cater to a diverse array of segments, including Passenger & Light Truck, Medium Radial Truck, Ag/Farming, Construction, Mining, Forestry, Material Handling, Off-the-Road and Rubber Tracks.

Guided by Values: Quality, Trust, Support

At Dynamic Tire, we believe that exceptional customer experiences are at the heart of everything we do. Dedicated to helping our dealers achieve their goals, Dynamic Tire operates on three core values: quality, trust, and support. This commitment ensures a genuine partnership approach, delivering not only high-quality products but also industry-leading support. Our values serve as a compass, directing every action we take on the path to sustained growth.

Our skilled and diverse workforce is the heartbeat of our organization, bringing passion, creativity, and expertise to every project. Our people are our most valuable asset, and their expertise is the driving force behind our ability to deliver outstanding service and innovative solutions to our partners. Whether it’s our customer service representatives, sales staff, product specialists, technical support staff or supply chain experts, each team member brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the table.

At the core of Dynamic Tire’s mission is the empowerment of our dealers’ success. We provide a diverse range of products, coupled with unparalleled flexibility and choice, all strengthened with comprehensive support.

Product sourcing

Leveraging decades-long relationships with worldwide manufacturers, Dynamic Tire boasts a proven track record of success, providing the Canadian tire market with an extensive product portfolio to satisfy a wide variety of applications.

With global product sourcing and a team of local product experts, we operate collaboratively to offer the Canadian tire market the best products and services at the optimal value. Our local team of product experts works closely with our tire sourcing partners to curate a diverse assortment tailored to meet the unique demands of the Canadian market. In addition to a strong product offering, our partners can rest assured with the coverage of liability insurance, offering peace of mind, as Dynamic Tire holds the record import for all brands we carry. Dynamic Tire’s teams, both in Canada and overseas, ensure our dealers experience the full benefits of partnering with Canada’s Leading Tire Sourcing Partner.

Flexible purchasing options

Dynamic Tire stands out in the tire industry by offering tire dealers the flexibility of two distinct purchasing options: factory direct container programs and local warehousing. This unique approach provides numerous benefits for our valued customers.

Our container direct program is designed to empower tire distributors and retailers with cost-effective and tailored solutions that drive business growth and success in the competitive tire industry. By purchasing tires in bulk directly from the factory through our program, our dealers benefit from competitive pricing, reducing procurement costs and increasing profit margins. This direct sourcing method not only offers access to a wide range of tire products but also allows our dealers to customize their orders to meet specific customer demands, ensuring they have the right products in stock when needed. With greater control over inventory management and supply chain logistics, our dealers can improve operational efficiency and streamline processes, ultimately enhancing their overall business performance.

For just-in-time tire requirements, our 400,000 square foot warehouse offers convenience and speed, allowing tire dealers quick access to a wide range of tire products. This means dealers can easily replenish their inventory and fulfill customer orders promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Our dual purchasing options allow tire dealers to tailor their inventory management strategies to suit their specific business requirements. Whether they prefer bulk purchasing for cost savings and inventory security or quick access to a variety of products for faster fulfillment, Dynamic Tire offers customized solutions to meet their needs. By offering a wide range of purchasing options, Dynamic Tire enables our partners to stay competitive in the market by providing them with the tools and resources they need to meet customer demands efficiently and effectively.

Photo Mark Mui from Substructure

Sales & customer service support

At Dynamic Tire, our commitment to delivering quality products and services extends into our Sales & Service Support division. Organized for success, our three channels of support include: Online, Order Desk and Outside Sales. With a highly skilled national sales support team, we provide a unique and competitive advantage, setting us apart in the Canadian tire wholesale market. Our staff’s deep-rooted expertise stems from a lifetime immersed in all facets of the tire industry. Having walked in the shoes of the companies we serve, our team brings invaluable insights and understanding to every interaction.

Marketing strengths

Unlock the power of Dynamic Tire’s marketing solutions to elevate your business to new heights. As a trusted industry leader working with exclusive tire brands, we offer tailored marketing strategies that are designed to enhance brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and boost sales. Our team of marketing experts understands the unique needs of the tire industry and collaborates closely with our partners to develop customized campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, increase brand awareness, or drive traffic to your business, Dynamic Tire’s marketing solutions are designed to deliver results. Our commitment to supporting dealers across various business sectors and industries is evident in our comprehensive approach, embracing digital, print, point of purchase material, online resources, and graphics.

Information technology strengths

Our advanced IT systems, enable dealers to better manage their inventory needs, facilitating our dealer network in achieving their business objectives more effortlessly and efficiently than ever before. The Dynamic Tire Dealer Portal allows users to easily place orders 24/7, offering numerous E-Commerce ordering options and additional features like factory direct and warehouse ordering, inventory checks, shipment tracking, document downloads, warranty claims, and application fitments.

In addition to our dealer portal, we proudly offer our dealer network the opportunity to streamline their ordering process through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This efficient and automated solution enhances the speed and accuracy of order placements, further demonstrating our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for our valued dealers.

Supply chain operations

Dynamic Tire’s competitive advantage in global tire sourcing is through establishing a Logistics Support Team overseas and in Canada.

Our expert Procurement Team ensures accurate order handling and timely deliveries. Dynamic Tire strives for industry-leading fill rates by merging procurement expertise with cutting-edge Information Technologies, allowing us to anticipate and manage market demand effectively.

Engineering strengths

Dynamic Tire’s co-managed product development program ensures overseas manufacturers deliver tire solutions of the highest quality. Our Canadian Engineering team focuses on designing tires tailored to meet the unique needs of Canadians, collaborating closely with overseas manufacturers and Canadian partners.

Once a new product is conceived, Dynamic’s Engineers subject it to a battery of internal tests, utilizing accredited third-party test facilities for unbiased performance reports. External testing involves real-life environments and scenarios, with test periods ranging from several months to years, all aimed at providing reliable and safe tires.

Warranty support

We want our partners and consumers to have 110% confidence in the brands that we carry. We stand behind our products and our Protection Plan echoes just that! Our Warranty Protection Plan covers products across all segments, including Specialty Trailer, Passenger and Light Truck (PLT), Commercial Truck, and Non-Dot tires, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchases. This commitment to warranty supports our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring that customers can rely on their tires for long-lasting performance and reliability across diverse applications and vehicle types.

Dynamic Tire’s commitment

Dynamic Tire’s commitment to supporting our dealer network is unwavering. With a network of over 2,000 dealers nationally, we are driven to assist dealers in achieving their goals. Our efforts extend to building upon the strong brand recognition of our suppliers, ensuring that during critical conversion periods, our dealers are well-educated and equipped to keep our brands and product lines at the forefront of consumer consideration.

At Dynamic Tire, we don’t just provide tires; we foster long-lasting partnerships, driving success for our dealers and setting new standards in the tire industry.

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