Jean-Francois Champagne AIA Canada President

Defending the Right to Repair

Continued public and political awareness are critical to ensuring freedom of choice when it comes to automotive service information access. Over the last 9-10 months, AIA…

NAFA I&E: Canadian Legislative Update

Huw Williams, President of Impact Public Affairs, provided an update of the situation facing the automotive sector in Canada related to government initiatives and how it…

Canada Election 2021: Small Business Outlook

Each party has their own platform pledges, but how do they impact business owners? In the run-up to Canada’s federal election on September 20, the economy…

Electric Vehicles are Taking Off

A recent report from Scotiabank Economics points to an acceleration in global electric vehicle sales and a potentially game-changing positioning by the U.S. government on our…
Brian murphy

Luxury Tax: Nobody Wins

The proposed levy appears to offer few real benefits. On August 10th, 2021, the Canadian Department of Finance issued a notice for consultation on the new…
Daniel Ross Canadian Black Book Senior Analyst

EV Momentum Is Building by Daniel Ross

In today’s automotive landscape, electric vehicles make up only 3.5% of the new car marketplace (as of 2020).  Largely speaking, early adopters have expressed content regarding…
semiconductor shortage

Chip Shortage Impacting Canadian Trade

Statistics Canada reports that the decline of merchandise imports and exports was largely attributable to the significant decrease in trade of motor vehicles and parts in…

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