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In time, all network shops will adopt the M 360 Mechanic colours. Photo Vast-Auto

Years in the making, the Mister Muffler brand, with its 65-year history in Canada, is being transformed into M 360 Mechanic.

During the fall season, the 52 Quebec and Ontario franchisees will change their colours to display the new M 360 Mechanic logo. This rebranding comes at a time when the demand for mechanical services is growing steadily. With a lack of new cars available and rising inflation and interest rates, motorists are keeping their vehicles longer.

“The rebranding has been carefully planned over the past few years, following discussions with our franchisees and validation with customer groups,” explains Del Vasto Group Vice President of Sales Daniel Malandruccolo, who oversees the rebranded franchise via its MMO Group division. “We had a historical attachment to Mister Muffler, which has seen strong sales increases over the past five years, but there is no doubt that the service offering of our mechanical repair shops no longer matches this branding. Today, our vision must match the capabilities of our franchisees to offer 360-degree mechanical services and repairs. Consumers want to find shops that can meet all their service needs, which is what we offer.”

Training-backed initiative

To support this image upgrade, M 360 Mechanic franchisees have access to the full catalogue of training offered by the group’s Academy. Not only does this include the upgrading of technical knowledge on the shop floor, there is also structured support for managers who must also update their best practices. More specifically, in order to position itself for the gradual arrival of electric and hybrid vehicles, the franchisor has deployed a comprehensive training strategy that allows technicians to acquire the knowledge to work on these vehicles with absolute confidence in a safe setting. In addition, training is offered to customer service advisors to help them familiarize themselves with this new environment. The network’s parts suppliers will also receive training while providing the parts needed to service and repair these high-tech vehicles. Training has always been at the heart of the network and remains an essential element in its development.

Innovation and sustainability

Pointing out the presence of green colour in the new logo, Malandruccolo stresses the importance of supporting this innovation by strengthening the links between shops and their communities. “Our commitment to the environment, particularly through the Clé Verte environmental certification best practice program, is essential in modernizing our image. We need to combine our social commitment with our ability to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.”

A digital communication plan will also be deployed to support this branding change. This strategy aims to inform existing customers that the new brand identity is a breath of fresh air blowing through their local shop, with which they have often developed a relationship of trust over decades. It will also catch the eye of potential customers who are looking for a service provider that is able to offer a full range of automotive maintenance and repair services for their conventional, electric or hybrid vehicles.

“We have always provided our franchisees with the tools to progress and meet the needs of an ever-evolving market,” concludes Malandruccolo. With the new M 360 Mechanic branding, we are building on our heritage while positioning ourselves for an electrifying future!”

New image, same passion

For franchisees of the new M 360 Mechanic branding, the change seems to have been long overdue. “Despite our attachment to Mister Muffler, we needed a change,” says Xavier Huberdeau of M 360 Mechanic Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. This new identity will change perceptions and confirm to motorists that we do much more than just service exhaust systems. It reflects our reality as we already offer a 360-degree service approach to the vehicles entrusted to us. We have a flexible, modernized franchisor here that offers us a lot of support, including marketing and training, which will give us a new brand image. The timing is excellent, we are very excited about this change.

Sébastien Riel of M 360 Mechanic in Repentigny echoed this sentiment. A member of the advisory committee behind the change, he had been waiting for it for a long time. “This new identity is very representative of who we are,” he says. “It will help us to be recognized at our full value. What’s more, the modern and dynamic image will certainly have a beneficial effect on our staff recruitment and retention efforts. The name will have a positive impact, which we are already feeling by illustrating that we are able to take care of our customers’ vehicles as if they were going to the dealership. We have informed them of the change, and they are not showing any concern, on the contrary. And I think the new visual signature on our building, especially the way it is lit at night, is eye-catching and beautiful,” he concludes.


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