Wakefield Canada Introduces Castrol ON Advanced e-Fluids for Improved EV Performance

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Castrol has developed Castrol ON, a range of e-Fluids to meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers. Photo Castrol

Wakefield Canada announces the launch of Castrol ON, Castrol’s new range of e-Fluids for electric mobility including e-Greases, e-Thermal Fluids, and e-Transmission Fluids.

Developed in close collaboration with industry partners including the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team, Castrol ON e-Fluid technologies were tested to the limit on the racetrack before they ever reached the road.

“Castrol has a long history of innovating and delivering cutting-edge solutions for emerging technologies,” said Hasan Zobairi, VP Marketing, Wakefield Canada. “The new Castrol ON range offers OEM partners and consumers a full range of advanced e-Fluids to meet the challenging technical demands of current and future electric vehicles.”

Castrol ON: a new era for electric vehicles

“With Castrol ON, we’re helping Canada’s automotive industry lead the transition to electronic vehicles,” says Shannon Spano, VP Sales, Wakefield Canada. “We’re deepening partnerships with our customers by bringing world-class Castrol ON EV fluids to the Canadian market.”

The new Castrol ON product line-up allows electronic vehicles to go further, faster, longer with greater efficiency, cooler batteries and extended life. The three available e-fluids are:

  • Castrol ON, e-Greases: Castrol ON, e-Greases play a vital role in maintaining optimum efficiency and extending the life of components.
  • Castrol ON, e-Thermal Fluids: Castrol ON, battery e-Thermal Fluids improve thermal management, keeping batteries cooler and at more stable temperatures even in extreme conditions.
  • Castrol ON, e-Transmission Fluids: Castrol ON, e-Transmission Fluids deliver enhanced drivetrain protection, improve efficiency, help EVs go further on a single charge and work to extend the overall life of the drivetrain system.



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