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Ezer Mevorach, Moni Mevorach and key staff members in front of Mevotech’s Toronto-area offices. Photo Jack Kazmierski

Celebrating its 40th year, Mevotech has become a leading engineering house and trusted North American name, specializing in the innovation and design of chassis parts, control arms and hub bearings.

Mevotech is dedicated to continuously designing parts that are better than the OE design, making them more durable and easier to install. A real Canadian success story, the company was started in Montreal by Ezer Mevorach and his father Moni in 1982. Today, Mevotech has four facilities in the Greater Toronto Area, with over 700,000 sq. ft. of office and warehouse space combined. The team of more than 600 employees serves the needs of the aftermarket in both Canada and the United States. 

Secrets to success

Mevotech’s CEO, Ezer Mevorach, says the company has been able to grow and thrive over the past four decades due in part to its decision to focus on a narrow product offering: control arms, chassis, and wheel hub assemblies. 

“In 2009 we decided that less is more,” he explains. “We decided to scale down the product offering to three lines and focus on engineering, innovation, and first-to-market products. Today, our engineering team is developing patented technologies, and we design our parts to be better than OE. We have an industry-leading engineering team of 40 individuals focused on research and development, and on pushing the envelope when it comes to quality and durability.”

Many of Mevotech’s customers are fleets, “and when it comes to fleets, their priority is uptime,” explains Todd Hack, Mevotech’s Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing. “Fleets want to keep their vehicles out of the garage and on the road. That’s why they rely on us for our TTX™ line of cutting-edge patented technology that excels in the most demanding operating environments.”

In addition to their commitment to vehicle uptime, Mevotech is also committed to helping technicians save time in the service bay. “Our goal has always been to make it right for the technicians,” Mevorach explains. “So, besides a quality part, we make sure they have all the tools they need to do the job. Sometimes there are specific tools that they can’t readily find in their shop, so we supply them in the box.”

A cultural difference

The more than 600 employees at Mevotech are all part of a unique culture, which is another reason why the company has been so successful over the decades. “It’s a family culture and a winning culture, and that really drives our success,” explains Hack. “We hire the best people, and we provide a month-long onboarding and training period inspired by our shared commitment to great work and to each other.”

Mevorach agrees. “Happy employees are passionate,” he adds. “That passion is what motivates them to go beyond, drive efficiencies, and engineer better parts, which benefits everyone, from the shop owner to the installer to the end customer.”

While engineering and innovation are the cornerstones of Mevotech’s success, Hack says there’s a real teamwork approach to solving problems and improving products. “All our departments work together in sync, which keeps us agile and able to react quickly to market needs,” he adds. “Our technical group, for example, takes thousands of calls from customers, and that feedback is used by our engineering team to make improvements. So, if there’s an OE issue or an OE design flaw, we’re hands-on and we work collaboratively to bring the best product possible to the end-user.”

An ongoing commitment to training

Mevotech invests heavily in training, including webinars, videos, and remote and on-site education. The company also takes their efforts on the road with the help of their “Mevomobiles,” branded vans that go to wherever training is needed. “We have two vehicles in North America that visit shops,” explains Hack, “and our entire sales team is focused on training in the field. Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated, and the repair work is more challenging. We’re here to help and to bring techs up to speed with the changes.”

Mevotech’s training efforts will continue to grow and evolve, Hack adds. “We develop a lot of custom education for our customers, and I see our efforts increasing,” he says. “We’re also investing in new training initiatives, and we’re revamping our training department because we know it’s going to be a bigger focus.”

First-to-market coverage

The company is very proud of its first-to-market coverage, offering parts for every make and model on North American roads today – and in the future. “We have a research team that studies every part, every vehicle, every new brand platform that’s launched. They decide what we need to bring to market and the level of engineering technology to employ,” Mevorach explains.

Although this first-to-market approach is a big investment, Mevotech is committed to its leadership position. “It’s a commitment from us to be first off the mark with all these applications, and we know it supports our customers as they take share from the dealers,” Hack explains. “That’s because when that part is first needed, our customers know that Mevotech will have it.”

Not only does Mevotech invest in parts, but they also invest in tools to support their customers’ success, such as advanced inventory optimization and forecasting software. Mevotech helps customers prepare for future demand, based on solid data analytics. For example, each jobber can see which parts they should stock according to intelligent forecasts. “Most people drop off their vehicles in the morning and want them back that night,” Hack concludes. “So part availability is critical to closing the sale”

Engineered performance 

In addition to celebrating its 40th anniversary, Mevotech is also proud to be marking the 10th year of its TTX™ brand, engineered from the ground up to be the best in the market for fleet and working vehicles. With their ultimate component upgrades and innovative labour-saving add-ons, TTX™ parts are engineered for technicians.

Building on 40 years of success, Mevotech is poised for growth, with a passionate workforce committed to excellence in engineering, innovation, quality, and training, and driven by a first-to-market philosophy that anticipates customer needs.



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