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AARO is hosting a special Fleet Day event on June 16 in Toronto. PHOTO General Motors

On June 16, the Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO) is hosting its first Fleet Day at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel (901 Dixon Road, Toronto).

For many in the automotive aftermarket, not only does this event represent a welcome opportunity for in-person attendance and networking again, but also a chance for automotive service providers to develop a greater understanding of the fleet market and changing requirements.

While there has been a big push toward awareness surrounding electrification in the fleet sector, with sessions at the event represented by organizations such as Ford Pro, PLUG‘N DRIVE, Xergy Energy, Flo and Northwinds Electrical Supply, fleets also represent a unique and robust opportunity for aftermarket service providers when it comes to maintenance.

And while electrification is a hot topic for fleets, another prime consideration in the aftermarket is service requirements.

Solid maintenance strategy

Considering that many municipal and commercial fleets today operate a high percentage of diesel vehicles, having a solid maintenance and service strategy for these vehicles is absolutely essential to minimize downtime.

That’s why, on June 16, Clayton Allan and Mark Henry from the DPF Company, will be hosting a session entitled Diesel Aftermarket Systems: Maintenance for Peak Performance. Allan and Henry will focus on the process of ultrasonic diesel particulate filter cleaning, as well as discussing the importance of preventative maintenance and how restoring components to OE specifications instead of replacing them reduces operating and maintenance costs for fleets.

This is particularly important, not only for the fleets themselves, but for those service providers that have fleet accounts, providing them an opportunity to build long-term customer retention and satisfaction with their fleet customers.

For more details on AARO Fleet Day 2022, please contact: Patty Kettles, Manager of Events and Programs at [email protected] or call 613-558-5821.


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