Continental Autodiagnos TPMS SE Increases Tire Service Opportunities for Multiple Bay Shops

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Continental offers the Autodiagnos TPMS SE service tool as an ideal solution for multiple bay shops that want to increase their TPMS service capabilities and profits.

Designed to work with 100% of OE sensors and aftermarket sensors from REDI Sensor and EZ-sensor, Autodiagnos TPMS SE can perform relearns on over 95% of domestic, Asian, and European models.

The Autodiagnos TPMS SE was developed for multi-bay shops that require more than one TPMS tool in service at a time. It provides direct (OBD, auto, manual) and indirect TPMS relearn procedures and displays sensor ID, pressure, temperature, and battery status in a matter of seconds. The tool also utilizes a cabled-connection to perform OBD-II mode relearns.

Christopher Bahlman, Head of Diagnostics and Services for Continental, notes, “Diagnostic tools can offer great service opportunities for shops, but often come with a hefty price tag. The Autodiagnos TPMS SE tool is an affordable option that allows larger shops to provide critical TPMS service to multiple customers simultaneously. Plus, the tool is backed by Continental’s TPMS and OEM expertise, giving technicians peace of mind when servicing this critical safety system.”

In addition to the Autodiagnos TPMS SE, Continental also offers the Autodiagnos TPMS D tool as a solution for shops that only need a single tool for their service and diagnostic needs. This tool reads and clears TPMS codes and has a built in VIN scanner for faster Make/Model/Year lookups. It can also program sensors from historical data and features an OBD-II mode that streamlines relearns for all the vehicle’s sensors in under two minutes. The TPMS D works with 100% of OE and aftermarket sensors from REDI Sensor and EZ-sensor.

For more information, visit: www.autodiagnosTPMS.com or contact: [email protected].



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