AAPEX 2021: Innovative Additives and Lubricants at LiquiMoly

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Eric Bissell, representative for the LiquiMoly company, with one of its star products. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

LiquiMoly expands its additives and lubricants catalogue to meet the needs of the latest generation of vehicles.

LiquiMoly has always focused on research and development. Not surprisingly, the company’s SEMA booth featured several new products designed to extend engine life and improve performance.

Eric Bissell, a representative of this company, began by highlighting the DIJectron additive designed, as its name indicates, for injector engines.

This additive keeps the injectors clean and used at regular intervals, reducing the risk of low-speed auto-ignition (LSPI).

LiquiMoly also introduced the new Top Tec 6660 0W-20 fully synthetic oil approved by BMW, LandRover and Jaguar.

Its very low viscosity facilitates cold starting, reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance.

The same applies to the Special Tec LR 0W-20 range, whose stability is adapted to maintenance programs with long intervals between oil changes.

“However, shops should always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and change the lubricant at the appropriate time or after reaching a set mileage,” Bissell reminds. Bissell.

The company works closely with the manufacturers and one of the results is the high-quality Special Tec V 0W-20 oil developed specifically for newer Volvo vehicles.

As mentioned by the manufacturer, this product can also be used in other manufacturers’ vehicles, if it meets their requirements.


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