AAPEX 2021: BorgWarner Delphi: Steering, Sensors and GDI

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Malcolm Sissmore, Vice President, Sales, BorgWarner stands next to an image of the Alpine F1 race car at AAPEX 2021. PHOTO Huw Evans

During our visit to AAPEX 2021, a highlight was visiting the BorgWarner Delphi display.

Talking with Malcolm Sissmore, Vice President, Sales, BorgWarner revealed a number of new developments.

Firstly, is BorgWarner’s sponsorship of the Alpine Formula 1 team for 2022.

This is a huge announcement, and the company featured a prominent artwork display of the F1 car at its booth (#A5027).

Another major development has been the expansion of the BorgWarner Delphi line of steering components.

Sissmore discussed that new products have been developed for Tesla electric vehicles, marking a significant step toward providing parts support for a new vehicle brand as well as the ongoing electrification evolution of the vehicle.

A new GDI gas injection tester is also a very welcomed product, that allows technicians to actually test the condition and performance of direct injectors.

“This is a piece of shop equipment that is very much in demand,” said Sissmore, alluding to the fact that the GDI market in Canada and the U.S. is the largest in the world. “There is a huge push in the GDI turbocharged engine business, and we, as BorgWarner Delphi have a ton of content on the OE side, and on the aftermarket side we have all the parts and solutions you need to perform repairs on these GDI engines.”

Regarding sensors, Sissmore explained that engine management continues to proliferate, with more SKUs and more sensors appearing every day.

As a result, BorgWarner Delphi is continuing to grow and expand its line of sensor related products.

For technicians, a crucial part is having OE-sourced engine management components, which Sissmore said that BorgWarner Delphi is continuing to deliver, ensuring technicians have the right product, for the right vehicle, at the right time.

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