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Auto Aide’s YouTube vehicle case studies are a welcome edition for technicians looking to diagnose and solve specific vehicle problems. PHOTO Auto Aide Technical Services

Auto Aide Technical Services now offers complimentary video case studies to help technicians quickly diagnose and solve specific vehicle problems

From an automotive technical training perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some major changes in the ways technicians can access specific repair information.

Virtual learning has simply exploded in the wake of stay-at-home orders and restricted business openings.

It has also provided new opportunities and avenues for technicians to seek out specific repair information on specific vehicles, gaining valuable insight from technicians who have already encountered and diagnosed similar problems.

Specific case studies

Barrie, Ontario based Auto Aide Technical Services, which provides professional automotive diagnostics and training is catering to this ever-growing market by not only hosting virtual, online training sessions in addition to additional in-class workshops but also adding video case studies of specific vehicle-related problems on its YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUXw_7GZDUehPGvDSva9I4Q?view_as=subscriber)

According to Auto Aide President Mark Lemay, the objective is to provide a visual step-by-step process in how a particular problem on a specific vehicle was diagnosed and ultimately solved.

These videos typically last around 15 minutes which makes them a lot shorter than most comparable troubleshooting videos on the Internet.

“A lot of case studies tend to be around an hour-long,” says Lemay, “but we just wanted to get down to the basics and show everything step-by-step in how we went through the vehicle.”

Each video gets linked to Auto Aide’s Facebook page as well as uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel to enhance visibility and provide technicians with easily accessible and quick to view real diagnostic case studies.

Visual walkthrough

Lemay, and his team of expert diagnostic technicians walk the viewer through the entire diagnostic process, showing them how they were able to diagnose the specific problem and solve the issue.

“We show the audience how we went about the issue on a particular vehicle” explains Lemay, “using scope views and scan tool images as well as GoPro cameras,” Lemay says that using GoPro cameras has proved particularly useful as it allows the team to record the entire diagnostic process as the technician is working on the vehicle, giving viewers a real visual sense of how the work is being performed and what they can do should they run into a similar situation in their service bay.

Lemay says the current strategy is to produce approximately two videos per month, with 24 new videos available by the end of each year.

All the videos are free to access and are designed to provide technicians with an easy-to-use and valuable resource that can help them troubleshoot problems on specific vehicles.

Given that time is money for many technicians and service centres, such videos can prove highly useful and an effective way to ensure a vehicle is diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible.


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