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Mélanie Rivard, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, ISN Canada. PHOTO ISN Canada

The brand new electronic catalogue www.toolweb.ca 2.0 from ISN Canada Group, the undisputed benchmark of our industry in North America. The most complete catalogue for tools and mechanical equipment.

Constantly on the lookout to innovate and develop cutting-edge technology and tools that will make a difference for our customers, it is with great pride that we recently launched our new website www.toolweb.ca.

Our electronic catalogue has been modernized and makes quotation and consultation easier and faster. The site also offers several features that are cutting edge in today’s e-commerce.

Lightning speed

As labour is increasingly scarce in our current society, our reseller customers must find ways to provide fast and efficient service to their customers. With a new platform hosted on a Canadian server, the new toolweb.ca is faster than ever.

Easy search

Still, in the same vein of optimizing customer service, the new search engine acts rigorously and delivers refined results. Whether by keywords or part numbers, our customers will quickly find what they are looking for.

The site also offers comparables, where the features and benefits of each product, related products and most popular products with the possibility to filter by availability in real-time.

‘’The things that impressed me the most about the new site are the ease of being able to search for products much more efficiently, the speed of execution and the screen layout which is organized, detailed, tidy and clear. The quality of the images greatly improves the visual search for tools and equipment; the new site far outperforms the competition.”

– Éric Noël, buyer / controller at Gilles Basque Sales Limited

Optimize for mobile devices

Representatives on the road will no doubt appreciate the optimization for tablets and smartphones. They will have the possibility of finding and ordering products quickly when travelling to garages and professional mechanics.

Saved carts, favourites and wish list

The site also offers the ability to create and name several different shopping carts. This option makes it easier to organize future orders. Products of interest can be saved to favourites or to a wish list. The user can then easily move saved carts, favourites and wish lists to the active shopping cart if desired.

Quick order

This new functionality is primarily intended for purchase orders for recurring products or inventory replenishments. This offers the possibility of quickly adding products to the cart without having to search each product one by one, the autocomplete will suggest products as you type. The user can also download a shopping list created from an Excel sheet.

Other features have been improved; simple account management, creation of varied accesses for different users, kiosk mode settings allowing customers to view products by displaying suggested retail prices or by concealing prices and for the creation of personalized promotional flyers.

“The site has been greatly improved overall. One of the features that I find interesting is the possibility of creating a flyer and being able to insert my logo into it. I can showcase products that I want to promote that I have purchased at promotional events such as the Tool Dealer Expo. We can then go on the road to meet the retailers with our ISN representative.’’

– Dave Fontaine, Sales and Purchasing Director, Auto Parts O. Fontaine Inc.

Phase 2 already in production

“We were keen to provide our customers with a high-performance work tool as quickly as possible. The development of new features to further maximize the customer experience is already underway. ”

– Mélanie Rivard, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, ISN Canada

At ISN, we are one destination offering tools, equipment and lubrication. It is with this in mind that we want our online catalogue to reflect our identity, to become a one-stop shop for the purchase of these product categories. Soon our customers will be able to find our equipment and lubrication products from well-known brands such as Atlas, Rotary, Forward, Direct Lift and Graco on our site.

We also aspire to give complete autonomy to our customers, who will soon be able to follow up on their orders and account transactions.

Anticipate growth with ISN Canada

Our new Toolweb 2.0 online catalogue is the first in a series of multiple accelerated growth initiatives at ISN Canada. In parallel with this project, we are planning a Pan-Canadian geographic expansion.

In fact, our Ontario customers will soon be able to source directly from our brand new warehouse located in Vaughan by the end of summer 2021. Soon, our customers will also have access to more than 75,000 direct delivery products sourced from our many warehouses strategically located throughout the United States.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for automotive tooling, equipment and lubrication systems in Canada.

If you wish to become a customer of ISN Canada and use the best catalogue in the industry, we invite you to fill out the form https://www.toolweb.ca/reseller/register/ or to communicate with our customer service by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-327-0222.

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