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NTN’s TRIAGE Engineering Solutions. PHOTO NTN

NTN Canada is rolling out its innovative TRIAGE Engineering Solutions powered by INSYNC Remote Diagnostics to provide industry-leading support to its valued customers.

NTN’s new TRIAGE-based engineering system combines HI (Human Intelligence) with AR (Assisted Reality) to help keep production processes running optimally.

A cornerstone of the NTN UBE TRIAGE support system is the introduction of NTN’s INSYNC AR (Assisted Reality) which is designed to remotely connect NTN’s engineering bearing experts to front-line maintenance staff, safely and instantly around the clock, ensuring manufacturing facilities can extract great value from NTN’s bearing solutions now and in the future.

The state-of-the-art system allows NTN experts based at NTN Canada’s Engineering Centre to send precise visual instructions remotely to maintenance technicians at any plant or manufacturing facility to ensure bearing maintenance issues can be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing downtime.

“HI + AR = UBE,” says Paul Meo, President and CEO of NTN Canada.

“NTN delivers The Ultimate Bearing Experience (UBE) through the new platform. Our TRIAGE approach accurately identifies a customer’s problematic critical bearing application through a three-step collaboration process designed to bridge NTN’s extensive engineering knowledge with ground-breaking bearing technology, bringing solutions to your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.”

Growth and expansion     

NTN has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion over the past 100 years, with over 1100 engineering associates and 15 research facilities around the world.

As a company dedicated to “providing the Ultimate Bearing Customer Experience”, NTN remains steadfast in providing the highest level of engineering service despite travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

In Canada, the company depends on its team of engineers, with over 230 years of combined bearing experience in the marketplace, to support end-users at manufacturing facilities with complex bearing applications and troubleshooting.

NTN’s innovative TRIAGE Engineering Solutions platform offers a systematic approach to defining bearing troubleshooting requirements to support maintenance professionals.

If maintenance technicians face complex or unusual servicing points, they can use NTN’s INSYNC remote collaboration technology to connect directly with NTN’s Engineering Technical Support Centre located at NTN’s headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

The NTN expert is then able to support the field technician through the diagnosis and bearing repair by augmenting images, diagrams and adding repair suggestions into their view.

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