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Whether you are an owner, an automotive technician or even a tire technician, you have a duty to always take care of the image your business projects.

Be aware that your customer as well as the cars or pedestrians that pass in front of your establishment see how you work, especially in the summer when the service bay doors are open.

For my part, I like my work environment to be impeccable before starting and after finishing a work order. A slippery surface or objects lying around can also be the source of accidents that could easily be avoided. This negligence can result in damage to a vehicle or to equipment that is sometimes very expensive and is used to earn a living.

Here’s a shortlist of things I think you should prioritize
  • Always make sure that the outside space of your main entrance door is always clear to welcome customers, delivery people, or any other person who may need to move around without obstruction.
    Photo: Mark Potvin
  • Always keep the space between your main door and your empty office so that you can respond well to each person who might have to circulate, for example, your employees or clients.
    Photo: Mark Potvin

    As long as you have the necessary space, your exterior garage doors should always be unobstructed.

    Photo: Mark Potvin
  • Don’t leave anything on your desk that could complicate your life: work orders with your clients’ personal information, parts receipt invoice, keys to vehicles to be done or finished.
  • To complete my list, in the current situation which is more difficult than what we experienced in 2019, continue to offer the necessary equipment to put your customers at ease. They need to know that their vehicles will be disinfected before delivery. Leave antiseptic wipes on a corner of your desk that you can use to keep your customers’ keys clean.
  • As for the work area in your shop, strict measures should be communicated to your employees whether they are long time employees or new to your team. A work environment free of oil on the floor or flammable products is the first important thing to respect.

Your shop is like your second home. Your signature to your customers who see that a location is well cared for will benefit from being recommended. Take good care to follow these tips and you will see an assured improvement.

Mark Potvin is a specialist in mechanical and electronic diagnostics. 

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