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HELLA’s new image film Photo: HELLA

Lighting and electronics expert, HELLA has produced a new image film to highlight its comprehensive range of services for independent repair shops and wholesalers, thus strengthening its good position in the aftermarket.

“With a commercial range of more than 35,000 articles from the lighting, electrics, electronics and brake systems sectors, HELLA is already one of the top partners in the independent aftermarket in Europe,” says Jörg Harjes, Head of Marketing Independent Aftermarket at HELLA. “Together with our partners in the wholesale trade and in the workshops, we want to expand this further.”

Due to the advancing electrification and the trend towards autonomous driving, the number of electronic components, as well as the software share in vehicles, continues to increase. Moreover, other comfort functions and new headlamp technologies are also included. As a result, automobiles are becoming increasingly complex—and so is the parts market. In order to make repair processes more efficient and reduce downtimes, HELLA supports both wholesalers with targeted services and repair shops throughout the entire repair process.

Identify quickly

This begins with the acceptance of the vehicle. Thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and comprehensive data management, faults and spare parts can be identified quickly. The technical hotline provides support for more complex questions. Free services such as HELLA TECH WORLD help with the repair process itself. Here you will find over 1,500 vehicle-specific repair information, numerous videos as well as tips, tricks and other technical information. The extensive training and education program also keeps technicians up-to-date with the latest technology.

HELLA supports wholesalers with first-class data management and flexible logistics services. In addition, they can find all the relevant information for their daily business in the online portal HELLA Partner World. With these all-round services, HELLA is positioning itself as a partner of the wholesale trade and a friend of the independent workshop. New video is available on HELLA online portals, social media and YouTube channels: https://youtu.be/BGfYPHK3YBU


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