AAPEX 2020: ITW Global Brands Announces New Products

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Fast Orange has released a new Xtreme Black Frost professional grade hand cleaner. Photo: ITW

Plastic restorer, fuel system cleaners, tire gauges and hand cleaners among new offerings.

ITW Global Brands offers a wide range of products and services aimed at the automotive aftermarket. These include car care products like waxes, polishes and finish restoring products as well as chemical inflators and sealants, fuel additives; injector/carburetor cleaners as well as wiper blades and tire tools and accessories. These products are listed under popular brands such Rain-X, Black Magic, Gumout, Spray Nine, Blue Coral, NOS, Slime, Permatex, Fast Orange, Genuine Innovations, Fix-A-Flat, Wynn’s, Full Throttle and No Touch brands.

New products revealed at AAPEX in 2020 included Black Magic Factory Black Trim & Plastic Restorer (designed to bring faded black plastic surfaces back to original condition and prevent fading); CarbonClear (an Ultra-Premium blend of Polyether Amine (PEA), Polyisobutylene Amine (PIBA) and a proprietary additive that offers the highest level of fuel system cleaning in the market); Slime Elite Tire Pencil Gauge (which uses Pressure Airlock Technology (PAT) to eliminate air loss when checking your tire pressure for the most accurate pressure reading, plus Fast Orange Xtreme Black Frost (a refreshing new scent designed to leave hands with a long-lasting, clean scent. ITW says that the professional-grade formulation delivers superior cleaning power with an odour neutralizer that counteracts the smell of gasoline and oil).


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