AAPEX 2020: Garage Gurus Spreads Knowledge

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Garage Guru trainer John Dixon spoke about diagnostic strategies for engine performance sensors. Photo: Garage Gurus

Garage Gurus, the training unit of the DriV group, offered several clinics on the virtual exhibition platform AAPEX 2020.

Garage Gurus offers online training, in its training centers but also directly in the workshops thanks to mobile units. As COVID19 requires, this year Garage Gurus played the virtual training card at the AAPEX 2020 trade show.

Occupying several time slots, these technical training sessions allowed technicians in the mechanical workshops to perfect their knowledge through in-depth presentations built by experienced trainers.

These workshops, in the form of free dynamic capsules lasting approximately one hour, covered a wide range of topics: diagnosing engine performance sensors, demystifying electronic power steering systems, testing and diagnosing wheel speed sensors, alignment, analyzing the catalytic converter, and diagnosing the five most frequent causes of misfiring.

These workshops were part of Garage Gurus’ mission to offer the best possible program to accompany technicians in their apprenticeship to repair vehicles whose technology is constantly evolving.

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