AAPEX 2020: Mitchell1’s Manager SE—Much More Than Shop Invoicing

Manager SE Photo: Mitchell1

Leaders in the industry, Mitchell1 is over 100 years old, so they have a lot of experience under their belt!

In that time frame they have evolved from just a repair information company to a fully integrated suite of products all designed to increase efficiency in the shop as well as attract and retain customers for the repair shop. This all adds up to giving you the tool you need to grow the bottom line—driving repair information at every step.

And they have come up with yet another program to help technicians get repair information, products required, cost for service, and feedback results easily and quickly… thus saving the technician time and effort via the Mitchell1 Manager SE with ProSpect.

Ben Johnson, Director of Product Development walked me through a scenario that could have happened to anyone… and with great results!

All kinds of technologies and vehicle electrification are coming at the repair shop and Mitchell1 can help you in all those situations but instead of doing demos on each of their products, Ben demonstrated how it all works together in a typical shop environment.

The scenario

A lady’s BMW Check Engine light came on and recently she had been noticing that it didn’t have as much power as usual on accelerating. When she got home she looked for a good repair shop on Google and found one with a 5-star rating. Upon checking the webpage, she saw that it was a German-car specialist. She made an appointment online and made arrangements to drop off the car plus giving the shop some info about her vehicle… all online.

Tim, the Service Writer finds this message and notices she’s a brand new customer. It saved ten minutes of his time as this was all done on Mitchell1’s Social CRM —Manager SE—as it enabled the communication between the customer and Tim. When the car arrives, Tim uses his inspection tablet and does and fully inspects the vehicle. He finds a couple of tire problems, so adds that to the customer’s information.

Adding it all together

The tech then has to find the problem and through Mitchell 1’s technical wiring diagrams and various content types, the technician found the trouble quite easily. Then Tim selected ‘Estimator’ to look up labour times—the simplest, most efficient estimator Mitchell 1 has even built which shows labour plus parts items—with an image to make sure you’re using the correct part on the same screen. Then he orders the part needed through an electronic parts catalogue and all is added to the quote, then transferred to Manager SE—everything is on one form! He forwards this to the customer along with the info about the tire problems and replacement tire suggestions which the customer OKs. He finalizes the work order, orders the parts plus the new tires without picking up the phone!

More than an invoicing tool

This highlights how much more Manager SE is than just a shop invoicing tool—it lets the Service Writer seamlessly do their job. From accepting appointments to ordering parts to invoicing customers and tracking technician and shop productivity against their profit and revenue goals, because what you have to sell is time—and Mitchell1 doesn’t want you spending more time than you have to researching—spend more of it “doing” the job which gets the car repaired faster and rings the cash register at the shop!

As Mitchell 1 says, “Customers tell us just by adding ProSpect, our multi-point inspection system which supports Android or iOS phones and tablets, they’ve seen their average repair ticket go up by over $100.00 due to the findings during the inspection.  Which means by the time you’ve written your second ticket you’ve more than paid the monthly subscription to the service and the rest is all profit potential!”

Maybe it’s time to take a serious look at what Mitchell1 has to offer!


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