AAPEX 2020: Lighting Solutions from Hella

The new Hella Jumbo LED ensemble presented at the virtual AAPEX trade fair. Photo: Hella

Hella Lighting Accessories Sales presented new products at the virtual AAPEX trade fair.

Four lighting accessories were on display in the new product showcase. The first, the Hella Jumbo D.E.L. is a set of auxiliary high beam headlamps with a state-of-the-art optic that gives the vehicle an individual style through the impressive beam spread of its LED lamps.

The auxiliary driving lights with the futuristic Hella Rallye 4000 D.E.L. Metal look incorporate the latest LED technology. Hella also presented the Valuefit 450 D.E.L. Tran auxiliary headlamp, which has the special feature of creating a homogeneous beam. It consists of 15 high-intensity LED lamps.

Finally, the distributor is offering a new set of miniature LEDs in a row as safety equipment. This light bar produces a powerful emergency signal visible on 360 degrees.


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