AAPEX 2020: A Diesel Additive at LIQUI MOLY

he new additive marketed by LIQUI MOLY to protect diesel injection engines. Photo: LIQUI MOLY

The additive developer LIQUI MOLY has just introduced the Super Diesel Additive Cleaner for injection engines.

This product, number 5120 in the LIQUI MOLY catalogue, removes deposits in the injection system and combustion chamber of diesel engines. It also prevents the formation of new deposits while protecting all components of the injection system.

This dilutable product prevents the fouling of injectors and improves the quality of ignition, which contributes to a quieter running engine. The composition of the product helps protect the entire fuel system from wear and corrosion while optimizing engine performance.

Super Diesel Additive can be used in all diesel engines, with or without particulate filter, in a preventive or corrective way. It has also been tested for turbocharged diesel engines. The 250-millilitre container is poured directly into the tank, which can hold up to 75 litres of fuel. Corrective effects last 2000 kilometres.


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