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Armen Jakjakian, Owner Operator, Speedy Auto Service, Mississauga West. Photo: Jack Kazmierski

With state-of-the art technology and a committed focus to customer excellence, Speedy Auto Service and its franchisees are raising the bar.

At Speedy Auto Service Mississauga West, Owner/Operator Armen Jakjakian is always exploring opportunities to elevate the customer experience since he first acquired the location approximately a year ago.

At that time, the Speedy location was already in the process of undergoing a transformation, being one of the first franchisees in the Speedy network to adopt the Speedy Zone contactless technology, which provides customers with a complete, complimentary analysis of their vehicle.

Seamless experience

Investments in equipment such as Hunter Engineering Company’s Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread Edge technology, as well as Hunter’s Revolution tire changer all form part of a well-oiled strategy to deliver a seamless, satisfying customer experience, whether clients are familiar with the business or just visiting for the first time.

“Whether a customer has scheduled an appointment for service work or simply ‘heard a noise’ and wants to get it looked at, they can bring their vehicle into our Speedy Zone bay where the Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread Edge technology can provide a complete diagnosis of the vehicle’s tire tread depth and wheel alignment condition within seconds,” he says.

Armen notes that overall, response from customers has been extremely positive and they are often intrigued by the technology as many of them haven’t seen it before.

He also says that incorporating this kind of technology has also changed the dynamic of the relationship between the customer, service advisor and technician. “When they drive through the Speedy Zone lane and receive a printout of the analysis, they are often awed at the process and want to know more about how the information about their vehicle was captured.”

Far easier

In terms of repair orders (R/Os), Armen says that from a sales standpoint, recommending service work has become far easier. “It really changes the discussion between the customer and service advisor,” he says. Instead of the advisor recommending work subjectively, the conversation shifts to an objective overview of the vehicle in a printed and easy to read format, highlighting which areas are performing optimally and which aspects need maintenance.

“When you show them the actual condition of their alignment and tires, including the tread remaining, and the stopping distance etc., not only does it provide a colourful and easy to read print out, the customer can also immediately understand the impact of not doing the repair,” he says

Even if the customer isn’t able to schedule the work immediately, Armen says that often, they will follow up and schedule it at a later date.

Given the current COVID-19 environment we’re still living in, Armen notes that because the Speedy Zone process allows for a fast, contactless and convenient vehicle inspection process, customers see the benefits. “It definitely provides added convenience and safety,” he says, “ Ultimately, we want to make sure our customers are completely comfortable with all the services we provide.”

Transparent experience

On the flip side, staff safety is equally important and Speedy Auto Service Mississauga West has taken steps to not only ensure it has the best in terms of hand sanitizer stations, cleanliness and socially distanced chairs in the reception area, but both the number of customers and staff inside are limited at any one time. A key aspect of the shop’s business strategy is creating a transparent experience, so beyond the Speedy Zone vehicle checkup, large windows enable customers to see what is going on in the service bays. Armen makes it a point to take the customers to the bays to ‘see’ the issues in their car rather just ‘tell’ them what’s wrong at the reception area.

Helping facilitate that, is a spotless shop area where everything is precisely located and organized, ensuring technicians are able to access equipment and tools as safely and efficiently as possible.

Armen says that many clients are also intrigued about the shop’s state-of-the-art Hunter Revolution tire changer. “This really has been a game changer,” says Armen. “With the Revolution, we can change tires much faster, because the machine can read and learn measurements and then apply them to the next tire. So, when you’re dealing with a tire changeover on one vehicle, it is much more efficient. Additionally, the Revolution can also manage vehicles with unique wheel and tire combinations.

Impressed with the results

Armen notes, that in the case of customers who have unique aftermarket wheels and tires, many want to see how the process is performed and are always impressed by the ‘show’ that the machine puts on. They’re also especially pleased by the fact that special clamps protect the wheels from any possibility of scratches and damages while tires are being removed and mounted on the machine.

And, with busy fall tire change season around the corner, Speedy Auto Service Mississauga West is perfectly positioned to handle a growing number of customers looking to get their vehicles ready for winter. Utilizing the Hunter Quick Check Drive, Armen believes he is able to impress upon casual walkthrough customers and make them regulars at his shop.

Whether it’s tire changes, oil changes, or general service and maintenance, under Armen Jakjakian’s stewardship, advanced equipment and training investments, as well as support with the network—Speedy Auto Service Mississauga West is not only raising the bar for repair service in the local community but the standards by which independent automotive service providers are measured—period.

The Next Level

At Speedy, You’re a Somebody. The famous slogan Canadians have known for years has been re-imagined for the 21st century. When Fix Network acquired the assets of Speedy in 2016, not only was there a plan to revitalize the iconic Canadian automotive service brand but develop a proprietary software platform to ensure that across the country, strategic partner locations were equipped to deliver a superior customer experience. At the heart of it, is a robust Shop Management Software program that is able to deliver all of the customer facing and operational tools needed, from digital inspections, to email notifications, invoicing, service reminders, appointment scheduling, estimating, payments and customer follow ups.

Additionally, the ability to track critical KPIs and metrics, both at the individual shop level and also from a national network standpoint can also help both individual operators and Speedy Auto Service overall, find ways to consistently improve and advance the business, facilitated by strong operational and training support. “We are constantly looking at new aspects in the development of our SMS,” says Sylvain Seguin, Executive Vice President, Canada, Fix Network. “Whether it’s from a training standpoint or improved customer expectations, the more we learn, adapt and improve, the more we are able to take our strategic franchise partners and the overall business to the next level.”


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