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Dorothée Champagne and Patrick Beausoleil—whose mission is to find the parts needed for service repair shops and engine rebuilders across the country. Photo: Distribution Uniplus

Based in Montreal, Distribution Uniplus boasts a customer base of several hundred wholesalers and engine rebuilders across Canada.

The company offers a comprehensive catalogue of engine parts for cars and light trucks (both late model and classic vehicles), plus components for marine, industrial and agricultural applications.

In order to meet the growing needs of the business, Patrick Beausoleil recently joined the team as co-owner. Beausoleil will serve as a go-to resource for customers, providing the best expertise and service for those looking for quality parts.

Beyond its own catalogue of products, Distribution Uniplus is the official distributor of Armature G. Roy for Montreal and the surrounding areas. This agreement allows immediate and efficient delivery of Armature G. Roy’s vast inventory of alternators and starters.

Repair, don’t replace

Dorothée Champagne, Administrator, at Distribution Uniplus, notes that mechanical service facilities should understand that repairing engines is part of the range of services they can offer customers. “Instead of thinking of replacing the entire engine with a new or used item, they should also look at repairing or rebuilding the existing unit in the vehicle,” says Champagne.

“In the end, it is often more economical for the customer to have their original engine repaired or rebuilt, plus for the service technicians it presents a good opportunity since they and the shop can make a profit both on the labour and the parts they replace, without significantly increasing the total cost of the repair for the customer.”

While not all technicians are readily able to perform complete engine swaps and rebuilds, which can be extensive and take time, other engine related servicing/repair work such as replacing timing chains, oil pumps, valve covers, intake manifolds or cylinder head gaskets are relatively straightforward and often more profitable than we might think.

Vintage cars

Besides late model mainstream vehicles, Distribution Uniplus has, over the years, developed a deserved reputation and expertise for catering to classic and vintage vehicles. Often, parts for these types of vehicles can be difficult to find without the right knowledge and experience.

Whether a vintage vehicle owner is looking to keep their pristine ride maintained to its original factory appearance and functionality, or desires to increase performance and capability, Distribution Uniplus has access to a huge variety of parts able to fulfill almost every classic car owner’s requirements, whether it’s a Dodge Coronet or Chevrolet Corvette.

 “Today, we offer parts for vehicles from 1952 through 2014,” says Dorothée Champagne.

Besides selling a huge variety of classic vehicle parts, Distribution Uniplus is also the official Quebec distributor for John Stuart Power Brakes.

 Specializing in the rebuilding of servo-assisted brakes and master cylinders, as well as other components for vintage cars, John Stuart has been in business since 1946 and the partnership with Distribution Uniplus ensures classic car owners are able to get the parts they need, when they need them.

 Whether its farm tractors or forklifts—the latest import vehicles or celebrated classics— Distribution Uniplus covers them all.

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