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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander
According to its designers, the new Outlander has been thoroughly redesigned to exceed expectations. Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its all-new 2022 Outlander at a global virtual launch on February 16.

On the Amazon Live platform, the designers of the new full-size SUV took turns speaking, with comments from consumers who had tested the new vehicle.

Available in Canada next April, the SUV has been completely redesigned and now features all the latest driver assistance and communication technologies.

“Based on the ‘I-Fu-Do-Do’ product concept, which means authentic and majestic in Japanese, the all-new Outlander has been designed as a dependable SUV with significantly enhanced styling, road performance and a high-quality feel to meet the needs of customers who want to expand their horizons and take on challenges of all kinds,” said Takao Kato, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors during the presentation.

“With the launch of the all-new Outlander, we will first increase our sales in the North American market and then aim for global growth.”

The Outlander launch was the first to take place on the Amazon Live platform. Photo: Amazon Live

“We believe the all-new Outlander will reshape customer perceptions of both the Mitsubishi Motors brand and the Outlander. With the Outlander, we have the opportunity to attract new customers while impressing existing customers who have an affinity with Mitsubishi. We are excited about what the future holds,” said Juyu Jeon, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor Sales Canada.

The Outlander was launched in Canada in 2002 as Mitsubishi MOTORS’ first crossover SUV. With a complete redesign, the all-new Outlander represents the 4th generation of the series. The styling underscores its powerful presence with a new generation front grille with a dynamic bumper, 20-inch wide wheels and wide fenders.

A newly developed 2.5-litre platform and engine, an improved 4WD and S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) system with enhanced electronic control, and a new drive mode selector all contribute to safe and secure road performance. The cabin space offers an enhanced sense of quality and convenience with a high-quality interior, three rows of comfortable seats for seven people, large digital indicator displays and a new wireless smartphone charging function.

Powerful design

The development of the concept for the all-new Outlander represents a bold and adventurous attitude and the confidence to move forward. The strong front-to-rear horizontal theme, the contrast between the wide, powerful surface area and the sharp lines of character, as well as the 20-inch wheels and overhanging fenders that emphasize the width of the body express an aura of boldness and a sense of presence and stability.

The daytime running lights and turn signals are located in the upper section and have a slim, pointed shape to improve visibility to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. The headlights are placed underneath towards the outside to illuminate the road more effectively and highlight the width of the body.

A hexagonal pattern that appears to have been cut from a single surface adorns the tailgate. This unique shape was inspired by the PAJERO/MONTERO’s rear spare tire, and the upper area expresses stability while the lower area shows the high road performance of an SUV. Also, the horizontally-themed T-shaped taillights reinforce the wider bodywork appearance and stability.

The body colours are available with Mitsubishi’s unique Diamond Series Diamond Red and Diamond White gloss paint, and Diamond Black has just been added to the line. Five base colours are also available, giving a choice of eight body colours.

Robust engineering

The new platform significantly improves crash safety performance and achieves a high level of steering stability.

For the first time, Mitsubishi has used a very high tensile strength steel sheet with hot stamping around the cab to create a high-strength cabin structure with little deformation while achieving weight reduction. The adoption of cyclic structures connected around the engine compartment and the passenger compartment increased the flexural and torsional rigidity of the bodywork compared to the previous model.

The multi-link suspension and double pinion electric power steering provide high-quality ride comfort while offering direct and linear handling. This greatly improves cornering tracking and linear stability.

The new 2.5-litre gasoline engine is powerful at low and medium speeds, but its flexibility and handling at high speeds allow the driver to enjoy pleasant city driving and a sportier ride. The vehicle is equipped with an 8-speed CVT transmission in the sport mode. Shift control, which shifts with precision like a multi-stage automatic transmission, is used for acceleration, resulting in powerful and agile acceleration. At cruising speeds, the CVT ensures a quiet and smooth ride.

All versions are equipped with an electronically controlled 4WD system that includes an electric-motor-driven hydraulic clutch in the central coupling device, ensuring torque distribution to the front and rear.

Both front and rear wheels can be heavily braked when the vehicle is stopped, and a rear-wheel-drive force is generated at start-up to provide a powerful 4WD feel. In particular, this allows power to be generated in difficult conditions such as starting on uphill slopes on icy roads.

All versions are equipped with an enhanced S-AWC integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control system. In turns, Active Yaw Control with Brake Control optimizes the difference in drive and braking force between the front and rear wheels, right and left, to improve tire grip, allowing the driver to maintain directional stability on a variety of road surfaces.

The all-new Outlander is equipped with six driving modes that allow the driver to select vehicle handling characteristics that are optimal for a variety of operating styles and driving situations.

The driving modes highlight the superior handling of the 4WD versions to increase their potential in emergencies and the sense of safety and reliability while driving. When a mode is selected, an image representing the driving situation is displayed on the dashboard to allow the driver to select a mode intuitively.

A sanctuary

A linear dashboard with a powerful horizontal tone gives the vehicle a large and spacious appearance while producing a functional shape that allows for easy viewing of changes in vehicle position.

The passenger compartment was designed to accommodate seven passengers. Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

The upper part is covered with soft padding wrapped in leather, and stitching has been applied to project a high-quality feel. The door panels have a large area of yoke and the same soft padding as the sides of the dashboard and floor console, to create a high-quality and comfortable space.

A light brown colour for the trim and semi-aniline leather seats are available in a new premium version. Interior colour variations of the genuine leather seats in light grey or black are available, depending on the version. The dashboard and door trim in the same colour with real aluminum on the gear control panel are also available. Combination seats in black suede and piano black interior material, as well as black cloth seats and piano black interior material are available.

The front seats feature a two-layer urethane structure for immediate seating comfort and to reduce fatigue on long trips. Space and comfort have been improved by widening the body and increasing legroom in the first and second-row seats. Also, features such as heated seats, three-zone automatic climate control and rear door sunshades are available depending on the version to make the rear seats more comfortable for a family SUV.

There are two types of gauges available depending on the version. The 12.3-inch all-digital all-driver display features Mitsubishi Motors’ first full-colour TFT (or active matrix) display that shows a variety of items on a large screen in an easy-to-read and uncluttered manner.

The display also features a customization function that allows a variety of information to be freely combined and displayed. Another high-contrast indicator with a 7-inch multi-information screen can display simplified navigation using an arrow in the central information display.

An available large 9-inch screen is used for the central display and is equipped with a sound system with a display and connection for a smartphone. This provides highly accurate route information using internal maps and navigation functions. Various functions, such as navigation and audio output, can be easily selected by touching the start menu icon that is displayed at the bottom of the screen at all times.

By connecting an Android or iPhone smartphone, the user can also enjoy Apple’s Android Auto and CarPlay applications. Functions for receiving the latest traffic information or updating the software online are also planned for the near future.

To provide drivers with safe and faster driving information, Mitsubishi has for the first time installed a 10.8-inch windshield style head-up display to project the necessary driving information in colour. The driver can manually activate or deactivate this head-up display and customize the content displayed.

In addition to driving-related information and warnings, such as lane departure, the content displayed includes navigation and audio information through a link to the central display screen, and multiple types of information can be displayed at the same time.

A BOSE high-level audio system is used for the speakers of the more equipped versions. The Outlander is equipped with an audio system with 10 speakers.

The all-new Outlander is a family SUV that offers three rows and seven seats, which is unique in its class. The seats can be arranged in multiple configurations to accommodate the number of passengers and their luggage. The second-row seats have a sliding and reclining feature, as well as a 40:20:40 split, allowing two adult passengers to sit comfortably in the second row, even when carrying long objects such as skis.

The centre console tray, side centre console pockets, rear front seat pockets and trim compartments provide storage space for smartphones. The centre console tray also features a cordless phone charging function (15W) that allows smartphones to be charged when placed on it. USB C and A-type charging ports are provided at the front and rear of the centre console.

Security systems

Mi-Pilot assistance integrates adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance and assists driving by maintaining the distance between vehicles and keeping the vehicle in the centre of the lane. Vehicles equipped with a navigation function can read speed signs to automatically change the set speed and use information from the navigation map to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed according to curves and junctions on highways and in other situations.

There is a front centre airbag for the driver’s seat and side airbags for the standard second-row seats. A total of 11 airbags are included. The front centre airbag deploys between the driver and front passenger seats.

Mitsubishi Connect

For the first time in Canada, Mitsubishi Connect is an automotive assistance system that allows users to enjoy a more comfortable life in the car and a safe driving experience.

To protect the driver, a button can be pressed to request assistance from the call centre if the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, and it automatically signals the deployment of an airbag. It also manages a variety of other incidents, such as generating a vehicle theft warning and collecting and communicating vehicle location information to the user when the vehicle is stolen.

In addition, smartphone operation can be used to display the vehicle’s parking position or to flash the vehicle’s lights to show where the vehicle is parked. Many convenient features are included, such as a remote control that can be used to start the engine and operate the heating or air conditioning system before entering to make the cabin comfortable during cold winters and hot summers, as well as remote door unlocking.

The user can also receive notifications when the vehicle is driven outside of a set time period, above a set speed, or outside of a set area to manage family driving.

The Outlander was the first vehicle to be featured on the Amazon Live platform. Since the unveiling, Canadian consumers can visit a special Mitsubishi section on Amazon.ca to explore key features of the vehicle.



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