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Yanick Jomphe is a training consultant and CRM system implementation specialist. She holds a B.A.A., an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. Online and videoconference training available. [email protected]. Photo Yanick Jomphe

Technology and customer experience! Can customer relations be achieved through information technology?

A relationship is defined as “a mental operation, most often totally implicit and involuntary, which consists in situating the other in relation to oneself and oneself in relation to the other.” Technology is defined as “the study of tools, machines, processes and methods used in the various branches of industry.”

Clearly, depending on the definition of each term, combining the two remains complex. In addition, empowerment can be defined as a new form of customer relationship while strengthening customer confidence in multiple services.

Tailor-made technological personalization, with data entered for each customer. Dynamic contribution for each customer, using existing technologies, digitization (all the processes aimed at transforming a company’s tools and processes to replace them with powerful digital tools). In 2022, we talked about the technological tools that would revolutionize the customer experience: AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and the human link.

The benefits of AI

Most companies are investing in AI because it offers a multitude of advantages. For ML, which enables computers to locate data that is often hidden without any prior programming, and helps companies to identify problems quickly. The fusion of ML and AI goes hand in hand.

In the automotive industry, we have a wide range of technological tools for optimizing the customer experience. But you still need to know about them and make the right choice. The wealth of knowledge and organization means better customer care, better retention and greater profitability.

In theory, this principle is easy to understand, but in practice it’s a little more complex. We asked a number of dealers to target the top 25 customers in their database. We define a good customer as one who: “has been loyal in vehicle purchases, service or parts visits and based on responses to car manufacturer surveys.” No one was quite sure how to get this kind of information, even with the most advanced technology. To optimize the customer experience with technology, you need to have the training required to handle all the management tools and become an expert in the field in the next few years.

Keeping up with technology

Technology is advancing all the time, and at breakneck speed. All businesses will have to follow this wave, especially when we move into electric mode in industry. Customer service will become the key differentiator for each dealer. The Big ‘Wow’, the ‘follow-up’, the ‘attentions’, the ‘invitations’ and the ‘show’.

Isaac Bashevis Singer (artist, children’s author, memoirist, short story writer, novelist, translator (1902-1991) said: “I don’t think literature has anything to fear from technology. On the contrary. The more technology advances, the more people will become interested in the possibilities of the human mind alone.”

Personally, I believe in the synergy of the two concepts!



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