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The April edition of Autosphere Mag is now available online!

Shifting seasons, same priorities

While the landscape continues to change, customer focus should remain a constant.

Spring is well and truly underway. The birds have returned, the trees are budding, and people are turning to things car related. Whether it’s a consumer looking for their next vehicle, scheduling spring maintenance and tire replacement/changeover for their existing one, or wanting to have cosmetic touch ups performed, there are lots of opportunities for our industry at this time of year. The question is, are our businesses prepared to capitalize on them? During a recent conversation I had with Jason Campbell, General Manager of the Canadian International AutoShow, it appears that on the retail side, consumer interest is back and in a big way. We’re also seeing both the new and used vehicle market stabilizing, with more inventory and prices that are trending downward, which you can read more about, starting on page 10.


Yet while things are improving, headwinds still remain. Economic conditions remain unpredictable, and it is still far from certain when the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve will lower interest rates. That means for now, many of us will have to contend with a higher cost operating environment. And it’s during times like these where it pays to be focused on your customers, since not only have they stuck with you through some turbulent times, they, are also the lifeblood of your businesses. And while it might be tempting to try and cut back on service offerings to improve the bottom line, giving a little extra can often reap big rewards down the road. That’s why on page 44, we’re so happy to be able to share stories of service providers giving back to their communities and supporting customers who themselves are facing tough times. Whether it’s supporting a local foodbank, providing vouchers for local businesses in the community or even donating vehicles for a worthy cause or families in need, it all makes a big difference.

Seasons change

While things might be challenging right now, the good news is that nothing is permanent, and like the seasons in nature, seasons in business and economics change.The important thing to consider, is that we embrace those changes and seize the opportunities they bring with them.



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