Quebec 2023 Electric Vehicle Show Welcomes a Record Number of Car Manufacturers

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As well as visiting the stands, visitors could test drive 35 electric vehicles. Photos Mathieu Valiquette

The Quebec Electric Vehicule Show (QEVS) attracted more than 20 different carmakers to the Centre des foires de Québec between 15 and 17 September, a record for the event now in its 4th year.

Out of a total of 9,600 visitors, more than 2,700 drivers climbed aboard the 35 electric vehicles available for test drives at the QEVS. This represents a significant increase on the 2022 edition of the show, when 25 models were available for test drives.

The number of road tests carried out at the show also almost doubled compared with the previous year. Every visitor had the chance to try out at least one of the electric vehicles in the show’s fleet. The line-up included an excellent variety of models both new and already on the road, such as the Kia EV6, the latest creation from Kia’s electric division, and the Nissan Leaf, a model that is already very well known and established in Quebec.

For those who were wondering, the ten-minute test drive didn’t cost visitors a penny. Nor was the wait for the test drive too long outside the show’s busy hours, rarely exceeding the one-hour mark.

The QEVS was a very accessible way of putting new electric vehicle models through their paces. It’s a real must for Quebecers planning to buy an electric vehicle in the near future.

The EV Show was also able to count on greater support from other players in the electric vehicle sector, as Charles Drouin, CEO of Mobilis Corporation and General Manager of the Quebec City Electric Vehicle Show, explains.

“Unlike other years, the vast majority of vehicles available for test drive at the show came from dealers rather than from our volunteers at the Association des véhicules électriques du Québec. We really feel that dealers and manufacturers want to make their electric models better known to the general public.”

Leading the way in vehicle electrification

The 2023 Quebec Electric Vehicle Show also invited a number of speakers and personalities to appear throughout the weekend.

The Minister for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Geneviève Guilbault, opened the show on Friday morning at a press conference for the media. The Minister was quick to praise Quebecers, pointing out that the province has the highest proportion of electric vehicles on its roads.

“Quebecers emit less greenhouse gas on average than anyone else in North America,” says Minister Guilbault. “We therefore plan to remain in pole position and have a fleet of 100% electric government vehicles by 2030.”

Ms Guilbault also outlined Quebec’s plan for the electrification of modes of transport, which calls for the deployment of more than 116,000 electric charging points throughout the province over the next 7 years.

At the opening of the show, politics gave way to learning by inviting exhibitors on site to take to the main stage and teach visitors the many technicalities of the world of electric vehicles.

For example, we offered practical tips on how to maximise the life of an electric vehicle’s battery, and listed the most common mechanical problems encountered by this type of vehicle.

However, it’s no surprise that the event organisers have chosen to highlight apprenticeships at the QEVS. As Charles Drouin points out, the average visitor is far more knowledgeable about vehicles and technologies than visitors to a typical vehicle show. Visitors to the Salon du VÉ de Québec often own an electric vehicle, and expect a greater level of expertise when they make their annual visit to the Centre des foires de Québec.

An electrifying exhibition

Visitors to the QEVS were able to enjoy a wide selection of vehicle makes and models on display for the occasion. There was something for everyone!

Many people have been seduced by the elegant looks and sumptuous interior of the new 100% electric Mercedes EQS, and have stepped into the car to experience, if only for a moment, the life of a specialist doctor living in a wealthy neighbourhood.

The models exhibited by Hyundai also attracted a great deal of attention from the public. In particular, the latest addition to Hyundai’s electric fleet, the Ioniq 6, caught the eye of many visitors thanks to its distinctive looks and a much more reasonable purchase price than German luxury electric models.

A number of hybrid models will be at the show, including the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the newly redesigned Toyota Prius 2023, which has a much more dynamic and innovative look than its predecessors. So there was something for everyone.

There was also a strong presence from American electric vehicles, such as the Jeep Wrangler 4XE hybrid and the all-new Dodge Hornet, which surprised many with its aggressive look and distinctive logo, as well as the quality of the materials used in its cabin.

Finally, the 2023 edition of the trade show was a success for Quebec’s vehicle electrification movement, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and partners and the way it was run.

If the trend continues, we could expect to see almost 50 electric vehicles on test at the 2024 Show.


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