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Ian Sam Yue Chi is President of the Quebec Automobile Dealers Corporation. Photo Michel Beaunoyer

There is no denying it, the level of trust between consumers and new car dealers is not very high.

The complex and sometimes opaque sales process and arduous price negotiations are indeed too often irritating for the consumer. In a context where we see the deployment of the phenomenon of direct sales of cars from the manufacturer to the consumer, the added value of the dealer in the process of buying a vehicle must be put forward and dealers must adjust their business model by focusing on an improved customer experience. The consumer who sets foot in a car dealership must feel that he or she will have a transparent and personalized buying experience.

Knowing how to guide the client

The Internet is taking up a lot of space in consumers’ habits, but nothing beats the human touch. Without wishing to fall into commonplaces, knowing how to guide a client in his second most important financial transaction, after the investment in his home, is a very important role.

At our Summit last April, 52% of CCAQ member dealerships were represented. In addition, 96% of them recognize this and are willing to make changes in their organization. They also want to mandate their association, the CCAQ, to implement several strategies to improve their image. Gathered around a recently released manifesto, these best practice solutions will be a guide for all our businesses.

Courage and lucidity

Without going into detail, I note the courage and lucidity of our dealers who wish to implement standardized practices aimed at a profound change in culture and a true orientation towards the customer experience.

This desire for transparency is also reflected in the ethical framework of commercial practices and the need to update the know-how of our sales teams.

I like the proposal put forward by the dealers to revise advisor compensation to take into account not only sales volumes, but also independently surveyed customer satisfaction.

The desire to do better

We all came back from this meeting with a desire to do better, to respond more adequately to the expectations of consumers who are increasingly well informed and demanding. The mandate given to us by our members, who represent 99% of all new car dealers in Quebec, also includes the implementation of a CCAQ certification that would indicate to the customers of our companies that they respect the highest standards of good practices according to a standardized process and a code of ethics that will be validated by maintenance audits.

This willingness of dealers to impose quality standards on themselves is to their credit and demonstrates a common desire to redefine their relationships with their customers and thus ensure the sustainability of their organizations.



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