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Yanick Jomphe is a training consultant and a specialist in CRM implementation. She holds a B.A.A., an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. Online and videoconference training available. [email protected]. Photo Yanick Jomphe

Customer care is powerful

The electrification of transportation is the topic of the day. As we know, Quebec car dealerships play a key role in the electrification of transportation and in reducing the environmental footprint (CCAQ).

As of March 31, 2022, there were nearly 138,000 electric or hybrid vehicles on the road in Quebec. Europe stipulates that by 2035, all new cars sold on the continent must be fully electric. Are we ready when we know that 54% of breakdowns on this type of car are due to the battery. It is obvious that the electric car is much more cost-effective, but we will have to rely on the battery. The reliability of the vehicle, hence the discussion!

First of all, a car must be reliable as well as the personnel who take care of it at the dealership. The electrification of the vehicle and the customer service! General electrification is inspired by innovations in electricity, connectivity and technology that benefit all organizations in creating a new, connected world. Here are some numbers from 2019:

  • 3.5 billion in 5G investments (Orxford Economics Report 2019);
  • 330 billion dollars of investments (Forune Bsiness Insights 2020) in industrial automation;
  • Electricity Demand 2X vs. Energy Demand (World Energy Needs, World Nuclear Association 2020);
  • 2.1 billion dollars of railway investments (International Union of Railways) for electric transport;

In 2010, the provincial government passed the Clean Energy Act (CEA), which has become the key to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (Crituc).

We are talking about investments in the electrification of a product, but what about the electrification of the service offered to customers. Do we invest so much to follow the customer and offer him a service worthy of the brand? What do we use to take it to the next level: loyalty strategies, tight follow-ups, technologically advanced and accurate software, a “WOW” for the customer and the customer experience?

In 2023, questions remain and it is essential that we clearly define our objectives for the product and for the customer. Is the customer base for electric vehicles different from that for gasoline vehicles? A customer by definition is: “A customer, in the economic sense, is the person or entity that makes the decision to purchase a good or service, either occasionally or on a regular basis, from a supplier (see trade). It is a person who entrusts his interests to another person (expert) in exchange for a good (The free encyclopedia)”.

Regardless of the type of product the customer chooses, the company must provide customer service according to their expectations. We are talking about a CRM system for customer experience and follow-up according to the preferences of each and everyone. It doesn’t matter if the customer is king, anxious, grumpy, indecisive, understanding, distrustful, bossy, aggressive, in a hurry, a negotiator, a show-off or a know-it-all!

The strategy is brilliant, targeting each type of customer according to precise relaunch cycles and especially according to their demands. Basically, the customer just wants service, that’s all…They are irritated by the lack of communication, transparency and collaboration.

Why not put in place a plan to 2025 and achievable customer experience goals. The evaluation of technological tools is the priority in order to offer a programmed service desired by the client. Electrify the customer experience, as the competition for revolutionary products in the automotive industry will be fierce in the next few years.



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