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Like every year, the tire season brings its share of worries!

The high volume of traffic reduces the personalization of service, but customers understand the legal requirement to have winter tires installed by December 1st. You will have to be patient and keep smiling all season long, both for the staff and for the customer.

What you should do as a customer:

  1. Make your appointment in advance for the winter season;
  2. Therefore, make your appointment in advance for the spring season;
  3. Leave your vehicle for the day to help with fixed operations, if possible;
  4. Reserve in advance if you wish to purchase tires.

Planning is considered essential in 2022 and especially for the years to come. As we make an appointment in advance with our dentist or doctor, it is strongly recommended to reserve your place in advance for your tires, maintenance or other repairs. For several years, we have been talking about “pre-booking” appointments to reserve a block of time for each client. It is more than time to put the “pre-booking” system in place and think about the next spring season.

As in construction, materials are sometimes difficult to obtain and reservations are required. We are entering a new era of change and structure; a new beginning! Valentina Candeloro, International Marketing Director at Mood Media, says: “The customer experience is at the heart of the issues facing brands and points of sale, both yesterday and today… At a time of rampant digitalization, what will the store of tomorrow be?”. According to the latest UN report, our planet will have 10 billion human beings.

Regardless of the industry, let’s face it, the customer experience is difficult in times of labor shortages. As for me, I have already booked my appointment to install my winter tires in October. If all customers booked their appointments in advance, time and operations management could be greatly improved. If all customers would book their appointments in advance, time and operations management could be greatly improved.

What the dealer should do:

  1. Calculate the number of customers who took possession of a new vehicle and segment them: customers with tires in the suitcase, customers without tires (tire purchase) and customers with tire storage;
  2. Calculate the number of customers with storage (service customers) ;
  3. Calculate the number of customers who will come by to have their tires installed and who do not have storage and have not purchased from you;
  4. Make a summary table and plan the number of potential clients (work orders) for the winter season.

With this strategy, you will have a picture of the next months without counting the customers who will decide to come to you.

What the dealer should do after the winter season:

  1. Calculate the number of clients who made their next appointment for all client types listed above;
  2. Calculate the new clients added to the service;
  3. Calculate the number of tires sold;
  4. Calculate the number of customers who will need to purchase new tires in the next season (tire wear);

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer

– Theodore Levitt (1925-2006), American Economist


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