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Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. PHOTO Cox Automotive Canada

Cox Automotive Canada launches Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, available to Canadian retailers to generate instant online offers for customer vehicles.

The arrival of Instant Cash Offer is timely in today’s tight used vehicle market, providing a tool to deliver tangible offers immediately to customers and drive transaction ready customers right to the showroom. The Instant Cash Offer solution reduces a dealer’s risk in the process, giving them the option to sell the vehicle to Manheim Canada for the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer amount, pending a vehicle condition assessment.

“Customers today want to do as much from the comfort of their homes as they can, including finding out what they can get for their vehicles should they decide to trade-in or sell,” said Brian Murphy, Managing Director, Kelley Blue Book, Cox Automotive Canada. “Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer puts customers in the driver seat, while reducing a dealer’s inventory acquisition cost and time spent on challenging price negotiations for vehicles. Kelley Blue Book instills confidence in the appraisal process for both customers and dealers.”

Kelley Blue Book has operated Instant Cash Offer in the United States for over six years. While the tool introduced for Canada is customized for the Canadian market, it borrows and builds from the successful U.S. experience. Kelley Blue Book was founded in 1926 and expanded to Canada in 2019.  In addition to Instant Cash Offer, the dedicated Kelley Blue Book Canada team operates the successful KBB.ca website (visited by hundreds of thousands of consumers each month), MarketLens vehicle valuation tool, and professional valuation and analytical services including residual value forecasting for the industry.

The Instant Cash Offer process

Customers will have three routes to receive an Instant Cash Offer:

  • Online: visit the Instant Cash Offer webpage of a participating dealer
  • In-person: visit a participating dealership
  • Available summer 2022, customers can receive an offer on the KBB.ca website

The customer (and/or dealership) completes a questionnaire assessing the vehicle condition. Customers receive a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer within minutes that is valid for seven days. The customer brings the vehicle to the dealer to redeem the offer. Dealers then have seven days to decide whether to retail or wholesale the vehicle themselves, or sell the vehicle to Manheim Canada for the full Instant Cash Offer amount.

For details on Instant Cash Offer, visit b2b.kbb.ca/ico.



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