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The February/March edition of Autosphere Mag is now available online!


Canadian business leaders are doing what it takes to make sure they’re ready for a better future.

The longer this pandemic drags on, the more I find myself impressed with the resiliency of the Canadian automotive industry. Unlike previous generations of auto industry leaders, those of us running businesses during this pandemic have had to make choices and decisions that we never thought would be necessary during “normal” times.

Despite the tough decisions, we’ve managed to survive, and in some cases to thrive. Our out-of-the-box approach to solving problems, and our undying optimism have allowed us to weather the storm as we look forward to better days in the very near future.

Throughout this issue of AutosphereMag, the first of 2022, you’ll find stories about how today’s Canadian business leaders are planning for the future, and making decisions that are sure to position them to take advantage of opportunities as the world awakens from COVID-19.

For instance, you’ll read about Murray Dorren, General Manager at Audi Royal Oak in Calgary, who decided that now would be a good time to invest in solar panels for his dealership. He says the store will see a payback on their $1million investment in “about 10 to 11 years.” In my mind, that’s definitely the right attitude—taking advantage of opportunities now in order to enjoy a better future.

Managing staff expectations

One of the other big issues facing the business world is the need to hire and retain good people. This was a challenge in the auto industry before the pandemic, and it seems as though COVID-19 has only exacerbated the issue.

Here again, business leaders are looking at the future with a proactive, rather than a reactive strategy that assures they retain top talent. I’m particularly impressed with the approach used by Zak Krieger, Director of Operations at Barton Auto Parts. Rather than wait for other businesses to poach his staff, Krieger decided to give everyone a raise, thereby making the idea of leaving for potentially greener pastures a lot less enticing.

Krieger’s approach is certainly worth considering, especially when you realize how much it costs to find, hire, onboard and train new people. Not only is it an expensive process, but it’s also time-consuming, as well as taxing on workplace morale.

This proactive approach to retaining talent is another fine example of how today’s savvy business leaders are focused on the future, and ready to do what it takes to make sure they’re poised to capitalize on opportunities as business ramps up in Canada, and abroad. It’s food for thought for all of us.


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