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Mercedes Banz Maybach
Powered by a 4.0L Biturbo V8 with EQ-Boost, the 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580 boasts 496 hp, 516 lb-ft of torque and a 0-100 km/hr time of 4.8 seconds. PHOTO Mercedes-Benz

The Maybach brand offers demanding buyers the cream of the Mercedes-Benz experience.

What do you get the man or woman who has everything, including a fully-loaded Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

Why a Maybach, of course! Designed as a step above the already well-appointed S-Class, the Maybach brand appeals to those who want the proverbial “best of the best.”

Best of the best

Perhaps Virginie Aubert, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Mercedes-Benz Canada puts it best.

“Customers who value superior quality and an ultra-luxury experience have sought out Mercedes-Maybach since the sub-brand made its Canadian debut in 2003,” she explains.

“They know they aren’t just buying a vehicle—they’re investing in matchless comfort and design, and are aligning themselves with an incomparable automotive lineage.”

For most consumers, a top-of-the-line S-Class would be more than they could ever want. But then again, the Maybach brand isn’t meant to appeal to “most consumers.”

With a base MSRP of $229,900 (vs. $123,500 for the S-Class), Maybach squeezes luxury and refinement into every nook and cranny of the entire vehicle, inside and out.

Subtle, classic design elements differentiate the Mercedes-Benz from the Mercedes-Maybach—details that matter to our customers,” Aubert explains.

“For example, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class features a chrome radiator grille with vertical struts and exclusive flush wheels and has as an optional two-tone paint that is painstakingly applied over the course of a full week.

“Fine details and the very best quality materials matter a great deal to our buyers and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class excels in this type of sophisticated luxury.”

Typical buyer

Clearly, Maybach appeals to a very niche segment of the already niche luxury sedan market, and key features make it stand out as better than its S-Class sibling.

For instance, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class’s wheelbase is 18 centimetres longer than the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class, allowing for significantly more spacious rear seating.

“In fact,” Aubert adds, “many of the vehicle’s interior features highlight how the owner will typically be a passenger rather than a driver, including measures that reduce noise, vibrations and harshness in the rear, and an available Chauffeur Package.”

With the owner more likely to be seated in the back, rather than behind the wheel, the Maybach S-Class offers creature comforts like a first-class seating compartment worthy of a private jet.

Complete with a refrigerator, folding tables, rear doors that can be fully opened by the driver with the swipe of a digital display, and Champagne flutes.

Simply because if you’re this wealthy, you’ve obviously got a lot to celebrate!

“The Mercedes-Maybach brand appeals to high achievers who place a premium on exclusivity, design, and technology,” Aubert says.

“By combining the premium technology and attention to detail of Mercedes-Benz with the exclusivity and elegant luxury of Mercedes-Maybach, we can provide our customers with an unparalleled customer experience.”

Aubert sums up the picture of the typical buyer in rather poetic terms: “Our core audience includes leaders in creative fields such as fashion, art, music, and culture—people who are used to creating masterpieces in their respective fields and who expect the other areas of their lives to elicit similar visceral responses.”

Notable features

How do you add features to an already fully loaded S-Class to turn it into a Maybach S-Class? “The difference lies in the details,” Aubert says.

“When it comes to technology,” she adds, “Interior Assist for the Front and Rear, which allows occupants to perform various functions using hand motions, is just one of the Mercedes-Maybach’s standout features.

“It also places a clear focus on the comfort of the rear-seat occupants, with an exclusive driving mode that ensures a smooth ride and adaptive LED lighting that focuses the light in the exact area the passenger needs it, bulb by bulb.

“As well, the Mercedes-Maybach’s rear doors can be operated via the MBUX screens or the key fob, and this impressive S-Class offers additional massage functionality in the rear seating.”

Then there’s the exceptionally spacious rear-seating area and uber-quiet interior.

“Carefully hand-applied paintwork and exclusive design touches, including the chrome radiator grille and exclusive flush wheels, also underscore the Mercedes-Maybach’s exclusivity,” Aubert says.

If this Maybach isn’t quite good enough for buyers, Mercedes-Benz has something even better planned for next year.

“For those seeking out an extra boost on the road,” Aubert concludes, “the S 680 [available in 2022] is the only one in the lineup that boasts a powerful V12 engine.”

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