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Spring is tire season! Starting March 15, customers will be able to come in and have their summer tires installed while taking advantage of current promotions. Photo: Damir Spanic

Spring is tire season! Starting March 15, customers will be able to come in and have their summer tires installed while taking advantage of current promotions.

This year, an early spring…and above all, many clients are simply eager to get out of their homes.

To imagine that going to the dealership will be a way to get out of the house; a necessity, but a pleasure this spring. Hopefully, all customers will come out in droves to have their tires installed at dealerships that are highly safe and meet government guidelines.

Tracking statistics

How many customers will visit us? First, let’s demystify the customer database: “the number of customers who have had their tires stored at your dealership, the number of customers who have purchased a new vehicle, the number of customers who have come to install their tires, but have not opted for storage”.

Let’s calculate the work order potential:

  1. The number of customers who had their tires stored last season, as they are expected to return.
  2. The number of customers who took possession of a new vehicle and did not store their tires. Including those who have “suitcase” tires or have to buy new ones.
  3. The volume of customer work orders that installed their tires last season, but did not store them.

This number should reflect the potential customers who are expected to come to you this spring. It is highly recommended that you keep track of each customer segment and follow them throughout the season. Interdepartmental communication will be essential for organizational performance.

Let me explain: “Customers will probably be waiting on-site, so why not take the opportunity to introduce new vehicles in the showroom”. Many companies are already using this strategy, but on the ground, there are some logistical issues.

The esthetics department

Sanitization” is a buzzword these days given the pandemic. Why not take advantage of the spring season to create esthetic packages for clients that include disinfecting vehicles, surfaces, carpets, etc. Spring is the season when we want everything to be clean and shiny!

Esthetics departments will be very busy during this period, so be prepared! The question is: how many appointments can we make for the esthetic centre daily?

Proactive appointment bookings

All active clients will come to the service department. It is a good idea to give the customer the next appointment for the installation of winter tires. The customer is currently at the dealership and this “pre-booking” strategy will save time in the next season and increase customer retention.

For several years we have been talking about pre-booking, but on the ground…it seems complex.

2022 will definitely be a year of customer loyalty, post-purchase retention and a year full of strategies that can make a difference. Each season brings financial potential, but it must be managed well. A calendar of customer service activities must be put in place, followed to the letter and, above all, analyzed to determine the impact of each campaign.

During the tyre season, you have to think about the post-tire season… the month of June-July and even August and September. Work 3 months in advance to better cope with the seasons! All appointments should be confirmed 2 to 3 weeks before the due date, either by call, email or text, depending on customers’ preferences.

Managing operations in the service department is an art; complex processes of time, deadlines, technicalities and respect. How many customers can we serve daily, per operation (repairs or maintenance)?

Summer period forecast

Will customers be going on vacation? We follow government guidelines and wait for notifications as they come in We follow government guidelines and wait for notifications as they come in. Department service planning will depend on the pandemic monitoring as well as the speed of customer service on-site.

Celebrate spring with a smile, welcome customers with open arms, provide impeccable service worthy of your logo. Have a great season and let’s hope that the next few months will lead to better organizational performance.

The staff will be in the front row to offer exceptional and safe service to clients who may be leaving their homes for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

Yanick Jomphe is a training consultant and specialist in the implementation of CRM recovery systems. She holds a B.A.A., an M.B.A. and a Ph. Online and videoconference training available. [email protected].


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