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Important architectural changes are on the horizon.

The holiday season is fast approaching and how are we going to manage the traffic in our car dealership at all levels. Are there any miracle recipes? How can we plan for the winter season for both vehicle sales and after-sales service?

Important changes are coming in terms of architecture. I am convinced that the service staff spent all their valuable time answering incoming lines (making appointments) during the tire season, but who will take care of the after season?

Questions that need to be answered:
  • How to increase the vehicle inventory?
  • How to increase service traffic?
  • How to target the right customers due at the right time for their recommended maintenance?
  • How to recover recoverable customers?
  • How to track customers who have taken possession of a new vehicle and make sure they come for their first service visit?
  • How to increase the number of customer work orders in December and January 2021?

If we could answer all these questions 100%, it would be heaven on earth. There are no miraculous answers, but it is a reflection that senior management considers to be of paramount importance. We will have to make sure that the needs of the clientele are properly met.

Think fast…after Covid-19 :
  • Reinventing yourself with small details such as, updating your Internet site and creating a better platform for the on-line commerce;
  • Make the revision of the internal policies of the company and even create a book when hiring the personnel for the human resources;
  • Set up scenarios for each department;
  • Establish achievable goals;
  • Analyze your customer communication statistics and find effective tools to reach customers;
  • 360 degrees: the words “creation” and “innovation”; the key!

We are all exasperated to hear about the pandemic, but what do you want companies to survive during this period. They need to find ways to stand out to shine! It’s not easy to find miraculous solutions, but I’m convinced that leaders will be able to differentiate themselves and find strategic tools.

The customer is a precious commodity and has always been so! As Albert Einstein said: “Logic will lead you from point A to point B. Imagination and audacity will take you where you want to go”.

Yanick Jomphe is a training consultant and a specialist in the implementation of CRM reminder systems. She holds a B.A.A., M.B.A. and Ph.D. on the impact of stakeholder involvement in the implementation of management tools on organizational performance. Online training available [email protected]

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