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Adding auto glass repair and replacement services is one way shops can diversify their offer. Photo Fix Network

The Fix Network is constantly driving forward a large number of special projects with the dual mission of better responding to consumer needs and supporting franchisee diversification and operations development. 

Sometimes, they succeed in providing franchisees with added value while at the same time significantly improving customer satisfaction, thereby simultaneously achieving both missions. It is the case with the TAG Network, developed for NOVUS Glass franchisees and their customers. 

“We’re constantly investing in technology,” explains Analie Quenneville, Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Network. Our mission is to support our various network franchisees—Speedy, Fix Auto, ProColor Collision & NOVUS Glass—via multiple channels and approaches. For me, innovation is the best way to add value to the network and make it more attractive for our partners and customers.” 

The TAG Network (Trans North America Glass Network) is a bilingual auto glass repair & replacement claims processing centre offering a complete customer support solution. 

Consumers can call a toll-free number, regardless of where they are in Canada, and speak to a professional who assists them with the repair process. Claims data sharing speeds up the entire process, our aim being to deliver the car, with the windshield repaired, back to the customer in less than 48 hours. 

Whether they go directly to a merchant or wish to report damage, consumers are well cared for. As soon as the claim is filed, TAG Network advisors guide them through the process right up to final invoicing. Advisors direct customers to the nearest NOVUS Glass franchisee, if necessary, and explain applicable deductibles. All customers have to do is make an appointment with their local shop. Note that all invoicing (repair shop, insurer and consumer) is centralized for greater fluidity. 

“TAG advisors will obviously recommend that consumers contact a NOVUS Glass franchisee,” adds Quenneville. 

The TAG Network aims to simplify windshield repair and replacement processes for consumers. Photo Fix Network


From a broader perspective, implementing tools like the TAG Network adds value to the NOVUS franchise. It’s a win-win with dedicated call centre support and increased customer traffic leading to a more positive consumer experience and a wider customer base for franchisees. 

The endeavour also aligns with Fix Network’s goal of adding an auto glass repair and replacement service to complement the service offering of franchisee auto mechanics and body shops. “It’s increasingly important for independent workshops to be able to offer a complete range of automotive maintenance and repair services to customers. Consumers really appreciate a one-stop-shop service. Service diversification is also a win for shop managers who want to ensure business continuity,” says Fix Network Prime CarCare Vice-President, Zakari Krieger, who notes that innovation was top of mind when acquiring the Novus franchise. 

“And as long as we’re still talking about innovation, let’s not forget to mention our workshops’ level of technical expertise. NOVUS has always focused on repairing and replacing damaged windshields. We’ve developed various technologies and resins that allow us to repair impacts and cracks on windshields that other repairers would discard and replace. We’d rather repair than replace. It’s just part of our DNA and a priority that’s also shared by the entire Fix Network—which is good not only for the environment, but also for repair costs. Consumers win, and so do our insurance partners.” 

Moreover, NOVUS’ proprietary cutting-edge technology allows for repairs without replacing the original part. 

Only the beginning 

The TAG Network is just the tip of the innovation iceberg for Fix Network. The team is in the process of implementing an ESG strategy across the entire network and its three service offerings, as well as a policy to address climate change. They’re currently also putting together a best practices guide in collaboration with suppliers and partners. 

Management, as well as new generations of workers are committed to greening the entire Fix Network. “If we want to attract young workers, we must concretely demonstrate that we share their values, and that means constantly striving to implement better environmental practices,” says Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network World. 

Fix Network is aware of the challenge presented by labour shortages in certain sectors and wants to spur a Canada-wide workforce development program based out of existing training centres. 

One thing’s for sure: When it comes to promoting workshop service offering diversification, ensuring an outstanding customer experience, reducing their carbon footprint or targeting, training and retaining precious talent, The Fix Network is driven to innovate. 

The President’s Global Approach

Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network World. Photo Fix Network

The TAG Network aims to simplify windshield repair and replacement for consumers. The NOVUS Glass franchise also represents added value for mechanics and body shops interested in extending their service offering.

“All of our efforts in terms of innovation, be it technology, skills development or even reducing our environmental footprint, aim to add value to our network and to the customer experience we provide,” says Steve Leal, who joined the network in 2004 as a body shop owner before becoming president and CEO of Fix Network as well as all Mondofix franchise operations in 2015. The network includes 2,000 points of service in 20 countries worldwide.

His vision has always been to adapt the automobile maintenance and repair services offering to consumer needs. For Leal, automotive aftermarket business continuity and sustainability necessarily implies combining all maintenance and repair services—bodywork, mechanics, glass, you name it—under one roof.

The team’s strides in innovation are resolutely aimed at this dual objective of answering consumer demand while expanding and diversifying the Fix Network.



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