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Scrap Car Comparison has created two examples inspired by two of the UK's most driven (and scrapped) cars. PHOTO Scrap Car Comparison

A new service has been launched by Scrap Car Comparison that gives car lovers the opportunity to get their hands on a one of a kind NFT of their prized motor, so they have the ultimate keepsake of their car which will last for eternity.

Partnering with NFT artist Amy Kilner to make the service possible, the UK-based scrap comparison company has opened up the opportunity to give anyone who’s said goodbye to their beloved car the chance to have it immortalised on the blockchain. Motorists simply need to register their interest on the Scrap Car Comparison website by Sunday 12th June 2022.

We reminisce fondly about our first cars, the ones that gave us our independence and got us on the roads, and often had a lot of character too, but unfortunately, there’s always a time when we’ll have to say goodbye. While we’d previously wave our cars away as they got taken off into the distance, with only photos to help us take a drive down memory lane, this unique opportunity will give car lovers the virtual ownership rights, as well as the physical.

And so that potential owners have an idea of what their Non-Fungible Motor will look like, Scrap Car Comparison has created two examples inspired by two of the UK’s most driven (and scrapped) cars.

What is an NFT?

NFTs (which stands for ‘non-fungible tokens’) are digital assets which link ownership to unique physical or digital items, ranging from things such as digital artwork or music, to non-online assets such as property or real-life collectibles.

NFTs can be bought, sold and traded online, and purchasing an NFT will give you the digital proof of ownership of an item, which is securely recorded on a blockchain (the same technology behind cryptocurrencies). Using this technology helps keep your NFT secure, and ensures the item is one of a kind. Sales of NFTs reached over $25 billion in 2021, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst the everyday consumer. In a motoring sense, its getting the virtual ownership deeds to your car, as well as the physical!

To gauge interest in the new service, one lucky car owner will be given a unique NFT of their car, with the opportunity for full personalisation – from pesky scratches that have gone un-repaired to missing hubcaps or other accessories such as stickers, personal registration plates, favourite air fresheners and more. The artwork will then be recorded on the blockchain, registered to its rightful owner forever – or at least until they decide to trade or sell.

Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison comments:

“Thousands of cars go to the scrap heap each year, but more often than not, our customers are extremely sad to be saying goodbye to their cars. We’ve all sat around with a group of friends and swapped stories about our first cars, and often their quirks and niggles, but don’t always have photos of them to share. In many cases, people will also personalise their vehicles, either with personal registration plates and more expensive modifications, or smaller meaningful accessories that are significant to them. Although we may have photos, the essence of our favourite vehicles is something that has historically been hard to capture.

“With this in mind, we want to try and bring car ownership into the digital age, by taking the step into NFTs and web3, and giving car fans their own piece of art that will be forever available for them to see online. It might not be for everyone, but we’re sure that some people would love to have their car with them virtually, as well as physically, so we’re very excited to offer this opportunity to the market!”

The Non-Fungible Motors service will initially be available to one lucky car owner, with the registration form open until 23:59 Sunday 12th June 2022. To find out more and register interest in the service, visit the Scrap Car Comparison website.



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