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Ongoing staff and technician training and development is key to keeping pace with repair processes and vehicle technology. PHOTO Shutteerstock

Technician development and growth are key for successful ATV repairs.

On April 28, 2022, Autosphere, in conjunction with Repairify is hosting a webinar entitled: Repairing Advanced Technology Vehicles: Profit is Possible at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

In the run-up to this event, we will be providing a series of weekly short articles that look at some of the key topics to be covered during the webinar.

These will include:

This week, our focus is on Technician Training. Often one of the biggest challenges that collision shop owners face—training and technician investment—will be a focal point of the webinar.

According to Chris Chesney, Vice President of Training & Organizational Development at Repairify, who will be presenting on April 28, a lack of clear training standards and accountability within the industry have long been major obstacles to developing effective technician training. As a result, in order to implement an effective training program within the shop, the owner/manager needs to have an effective process in place and be committed to that process and to their staff.

Repeatable, measurable and accountable

Chesney notes that the key is to adopt a process that is repeatable, measurable, and accountable to all parties involved. And this process needs to be dialed in before each and every repair. Chesney refers to this as essentially a triage, i.e., taking information available prior to the repair, analyzing it, and then gaining insights from that result in order to make better decisions.

Doing so enables a shop to create better estimates, leading to better repairs, faster cycle times, more satisfied stakeholders, and more profit. This becomes ever more important as vehicles become increasingly advanced and more complex to repair.

Additionally, a key to ensuring this process works repeatedly is by having a defined career path for your staff and technicians, so like the business, they can continue to grow, evolve and improve their knowledge and skill sets. This not only provides opportunities for new people to enter the business but also helps ensure long-term proficiency and success as both the collision industry and the nature of repairs continue to evolve.

Look for Chris to go into more details on this and other key issues related to repairing Advanced Technology Vehicles on April 28.

Click here for more information and to register for the upcoming webinar.

Chris Chesney, Vice President of Training & Organizational Development, Repairify. PHOTO Repairify



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