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For any successful modern collision repair, effective scanning and diagnostics are critical.

Prior to any work being undertaken, each vehicle that comes in must be pre-scanned. Domenic Prochilo, Vice President at Simplicity Car Care, explains that diagnostic scans are by far the most effective way to identify hidden damage to the vehicle. Today, he says, “the dashboard doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.” This is particularly important for a significant number of vehicle systems that do not provide a visual indicator of malfunction or trouble code history. That’s why, suggests Prochilo that shops should conduct “accurate crash metal diagnostics, 3D frame diagnostics, and an electrical health check.” Doing so, he says, will help the collision centre decrease cycle time, increase accuracy and boost profitability.


Over the last few years, Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) have rapidly become a key part of collision repair procedures. In addition (as mentioned elsewhere in this issue), there has been greater integration between collision and mechanical ADAS features, requiring closer cooperation between collision and mechanical shops, or where applicable, conducting mechanical repairs and diagnostic functions in-house.

And, because the technology is changing so fast, it is important for the collision centre to have “processes in place that verify the validity of the diagnostics you’re performing,” explains Johnny Kloeckes, President, CARSTAR Edmonton Gateway, CARSTAR Edmonton South East, CARSTAR Ellerslie, CARSTAR Edmonton Mayfield, CARSTAR Leduc North, CARSTAR Express Edmonton South.s

He says this is becoming increasingly important as vehicle ADAS systems continue to advance. “We’ve had different software, mechanical, appraising, different sources of OEM spec data. We also have diagnostic tools, but the key between it all is, how do you verify the process?”

There’s also the question of commonality and security. Nick Dominato, Senior Vice President at Repairify, the parent company of asTech, explains that with more and more safety features being added, such as radar and Lidar sensors, shops are required to use different equipment in order to properly calibrate them. The investments required can be considerable, one reason why there is increasing emphasis on creating standardization for equipment requirements between different OEMs.


When shopping for collision diagnostics and scan tools, Dominato says it’s important for the collision centre to ensure the tool in question is up-to-date and is capable of performing all the functions required of it. “Does it have the ability to diagnose special functions on the newest 2021 and 2022 model year vehicles coming into your shop?” asks Dominato. “Will it work with Mercedes Benz vehicles that come to your shop? Can it do a windshield or seat weight sensor calibration? Can it really do all those special functions that are required?” Dominato suggests that before procuring a scan tool it’s important for owners and managers to look at their own shop and the specific requirements. “If, for example, you’re only performing pre or post-scans, then you should be using a third-party scanning vendor who knows what extra diagnostic operations can be done and can identify those for you.”

asTech Duo. PHOTO asTech

asTech Duo

asTech’s new Duo provides customers with a choice from one of two diagnostic scan types: a remote OEM scan that is supported by ASE and I-CAR certified technicians, or a local OEM-compatible scan. The solution also identifies relevant ADAS equipment and required calibrations based on the repair estimate, allowing shops to identify this important requirement at the beginning of the repair process. For every comprehensive remote scan report asTech delivers, customers now also have access to the output from the official OEM scan tool right from the Duo application, providing added peace of mind and transparency. Existing asTech customers can also access the OEM tool reports through asTech Connect, a platform that helps customers better manage their diagnostics workflow, access reports, and much more.

ALLDATA Diagnostics

This enables a portable tablet to be transformed into a professional-level scan tool, and is the only one with ALLDATA’s proprietary solution built-in. Collision centres get unlimited pre- and post-scans, with no per-scan charge. There’s also no charge for software or data updates. Additionally, there is also no charge for the equipment as it’s all included in a single, affordable subscription. Collision shops can also limit liability and increase revenue by using ALLDATA Diagnostics to conduct full-system, exportable pre-and post-repair scans.



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