SEMA 2021: Equip Yourself for Work and Play at Nissan

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Rosa Sanchez of Nissan explained how the many accessories offered with the vehicle allow it to be customized to your needs. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

In addition to presenting many new models at its SEMA booth, Nissan was displaying a multitude of equipment and accessories to transform them.

Like several manufacturers we met during our visit to the show, Nissan took advantage of its presence at this automotive event to show the many accessories that consumers can add to their vehicles to personalize them.

“There’s the aesthetic side, of course,” says Rosa Sanchez, Nissan’s product representative, as she shows us the wide selection of wheels her company offers.

“However, for some models, especially with the new Frontier, the consumer will want to customize it to their needs. This van can be equipped with multi-purpose racks in the bed to make it a real work tool. On the other hand, on the same structure, the vehicle can be adapted for weekend recreation by adding a tent, for example.”

For off-road enthusiasts, the van can benefit from a whole catalog of equipment that will protect its body or the parts underneath the vehicle by adding liners, plates and guards.

In short, this is an example of a vehicle that can be infinitely varied, depending on the buyer’s tastes and needs.


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