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Simplicity Car Care annual report 2020
Simplicity Car Care recently released its 2020 annual report. PHOTO Simplicity Car Care

The Simplicity Car Care Network sees solid growth and service enhancements, despite ongoing economic disruption.

Simplicity Car Care recently announced the release of its 2020 Annual Report.

Despite the disruption and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Simplicity Car Care, saw its footprint continue to expand across Canada both in existing markets, Ontario and Alberta as well as expanding into the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick.

Since its foundation in 2017, Simplicity Car Care has relentlessly focused on making car care simple and affordable for every vehicle owner in the world, as well as delivering a positive and profound impact on its stakeholders.

Three core value propositions

  • Increasing top-line sales for providing enhanced contributions to a facility’s infrastructure and investment
  • Delivering unparalleled support and operational processes to help lower stress and production costs
  • Leveraging Multi-Store Operation intelligence to help both guide and support franchise partners through any operational challenges they may face

Key milestones achieved by Simplicity Car Care

  • Expansion to 53 locations across Canada (51.4% increase from 2019)
  • 36,934 total customers served
  • $40.6 million in system-wide sales (a 19.9% increase from 2019)
  • 90% Net Promoter Score
  • 9.5 days National Cycle Time
  • Expansion into Quebec and New Brunswick
  • Establishment of a 24/7 bilingual call centre (English/French)
  • 557 hours of online training and development
  • 2020 Winner of the Global Automotive Award by Corporate Vision Magazine

By focusing on its core objectives, stakeholder relationships and support for staff and franchise partners, Simplicity Car Care has demonstrated its ability to adapt and thrive – even amid one of the most serious disruptions of our time – position itself for a promising and prosperous future.

In summary, Simplicity Car Care Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Prochilo said, “As we continue to work through the recovery phase (of COVID-19), we are very excited by the significant tailwinds and momentum guiding Simplicity Car Care through 2021.”

Prochilo also highlighted three specific areas of the network which he is especially excited about, namely, “growth in our B2B partnerships, continuous development of our governance systems and processes and continuing to provide unrivalled support to the success of our strategic franchise partners.”

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